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  1. Loved the game.
    The slow motion combat at times, as were mentioned here; are infact difficult at times to read.. spoiler alert

    There are instances where the correct decision is vital for story purposes; I simply couldn't judge some correctly & was punished, pretty hard for it.
    None the less, the story really captivated me for a week.
    9.5/10 for story.

  2. This game not made for yupipes and stuck up ppl anyway still made money from goths and free minded people they are in millions not billions have there head up there bum most of there lives lol….

  3. I Normally like your guys game reviews, but this one is horrible I'm sorry. Also why would you put spoilers of game in review without spoiler alerts? ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  4. you'd think ign would read these comments and bring about a change or question themselves or atleast give an explanation to its audience…. but no…. it just doesn't care… so why should we care for its reviews ^^ lets find another!

  5. why is this so disliked? i recently replayed the game and i have to agree with the points made in this video for the most part. the combat is frustrating because you can't tell which direction jodie's body is moving half the time. and no matter how many times you fail the quick time events, jodie ends up fine. the game is gorgeous and i loved the story but i do wish it had more interactivity and weight in terms of difficult choices. it feels like nothing you do in the game matters at times. that being said, i still love the game, in fact, it's one of my favourites. i just wish it was more interactive like heavy rain.

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