Top 5 Best Drones Under $100 | Budget Quadcopters |

Top 5 Best Drones Under $100 | Budget Quadcopters |

Today, the drones and quadcopters have become a child’s toy and they are available in a wide range with different functionalities, …


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  1. Syma X8G 4 years later, still over 100$ ??? ($108.18 lowest one) syma HD camera worth 40-60$…. probably better to get real gopro for that.

  2. The drones a fine for those not wanting to spend a whole lot of money to enjoy the hobby. I’d like to see some of the fav systems sold separately. ezWifibroadcast, and other Phone Network setups running 4G for example are good but if only some of these systems were available too.

  3. Hi I would buy the PANTONMA K80 of 45 dallars if possible.

    I specify that I am Ivorian living in Côte d'Ivoire so how much will cost me the PANTONMA K80 in price including all taxes including transportation to Côte d'Ivoire. This drone really amazed me so I would like to get it if possible before Christmas.

    I am at 00225 57389481


    Thanks again for the video

  4. All these drone channels talk about GearBest like they are a God send, but I had a horrible experience with them and their customer service was awful as well. I ordered a 4k action camera from then and after 2 months of waiting I contacted customer support about my order and they finally messaged me back after 3 days and offered me a refund and I never received my camera either. So after 2 months they still had not even shipped my package after all that waiting

  5. Tank you so much!! We were looking for another drone to replace the one we had and now we are are getting a patonma thanks to you! 🙂 😁

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