How Did Apple Just Release This Product?

The old iPhone is the new iPhone. Is that bad? Anker Nano Pro – US: | DE: …


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  1. I think its good for a kids starter phone or somebody thats been an android user that wants to try an iphone out for the first time

  2. Been watching you since jr high, now that I’m in college I understand the big words you use in your videos “nostalgia”

  3. I’m not in the market for anything like this being on my 13 Pro Max but at least they didn’t move the camera my 1.8mm making the previous cases obsolete. They did that several times since the iPhone 6. Cases look identical until you find out the camera was in the way. PITA

  4. For me, it actually does great as a work phone … small, does all the necessary, fingerprint sensor allows me to unlock apps without having to pick up the phone off the desk. I have been using the iPhone 7 for 6 years and still runs perfect. I will upgrade to the SE when it gives up the ghost or runs out of security updates. For reference, my personal phone(s), I have 13pro and a Galaxy Note 10.

  5. I was never a fan of the iPhone SE or the iPhone MINI, but if I had to choose the iPhone Mini is far more modern. Also, according to latest stats released by Apple, the iPhone SE is not selling well. This could be the last year for this old design. Thank goodness.

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