Game Scoop! 671: PlayStation Devastation

Game Scoop! 671: PlayStation Devastation

Welcome back to IGN Game Scoop!, the ONLY video game podcast! This week your Omega Cops — Daemon Hatfield, Tina Amini, …


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  1. One of my favorite magazine read through sections in recent memory! I was cracking up with the quote from the Sony employee about Super Metroid. Also, Justin shares my philosophy about work: “I don’t want to bring it up because I’m afraid they’ll assign it to me” 😂

  2. Dont want a Switch Pro either. I prefer consoles having a long(er) life
    But I see the worries about how base Switch might limit BotW2

  3. Zelda thing would be extra shitty if trailer is actually running on a new console and they're using that to get people excited flr Switch and what they think is a Switch game.
    Seriously hope its just a Switch exclusive.

  4. Nintendo has been using 4K Switch Sports screenshots apparently too. So it wouldn't just be Zelda.

    In ant case would be shitty imo to have the better version of BotW2 on a new console after advertising it as a Switch game since 2019.
    BotW 1 felt more justified cause of the Wii U's failure

  5. I’d have to argue that PlayStation plus on GamePass are different now we haven’t heard much from either first party about how there subscription-based services pay contact providers we have heard more from Microsoft about how things work we know that they offer multiple options for their contact providers and they are willing to work out deals with them they’ve publicly said each contract is unique we’ve heard providers highlight how Gamepass gets them noticed how Gamepass benefits them and makes the money. No not to hate on Sony but things are different for Sony they do not have a subscription-based service like GamePass. PlayStation plus is fundamentally different I’ve had both services I’ve saw how Gamepass draws me to try things I would never touch games I wouldn’t even look at I’ve tried on GamePass I cannot see the same thing for PlayStation plus I’ve had many times where I’ve downloaded the title and never touched it I mean I have a library full of PlayStation plus titles I download and don’t touch in fact to be honest the same is true for Xbox live gold I download the titles to add them to my library but I rarely go and play those titles specifically. However Game Pass is always constantly drawing me back in there’s always an update sometimes on a biweekly basis and I’ll go in there looking for one game that I said I wanted to play and also I wonder what that is and try something else happens on a continual basis.

    No as far as how Sony page people we know Sony is king they are not going to necessarily make the best deals for people you’ve heard small Indy developers complain about how Sony has drifted away from them Sony has said they’re going to reach out and do better but let’s be honest Sony is going to try and acquire as much content on their subscription-based service for as little money as possible. It’s not hard to see what happened here they needed money to guarantee they could finish the game somebody gave them enough to finish the game they finished it it did not sell well it was downloaded a lot but that means nothing because that’s not the type of contract they had with Sony it was upfront one time payment which is great if you can finish the game and it sells but not so good if you can finish the game and it doesn’t sell

  6. Oddworld: Soulstorm only come for PS5 into PS Plus, but everybody with a PS4 could save their PS5 copy for when they will have a PS5. So all of them rather wait, than buy it for PS4.

  7. There is a reason why the Witcher outsold Skyrim. When you play the Witcher you got the feeling it was refined when you played Skyrim we expect large Bethesda games to be buggy. When you played the Witcher 3 they were pushing the limit on graphics and fidelity that wasn’t the case with Skyrim. Yes we’ve seen improvement with Skyrim over the years but it’s just the truth combat was more refined in the Witcher it was more focused you actually had a character you were placed in the role of you were Geralt in Skyrim you made your own character made your own adventure those little nuances gave the game more focus which drew in more people. Toss in the fact that this game was just as big as Skyrim to many had so many quest so many side quest that you could get lost in and people loved it.

  8. There's a misconception about life of games on Game Pass. They come and go and come back just like Netflix. On Netflix, a show will go away at a certain point. But it usually comes back in a few months. Same with Game Pass. For example, Outer Wilds went away and then it came back. So did other games. My theory is that it goes away to goose sales. And then comes back to get more exposure. In any case, that game on Game Pass is available for a discounted rate for purchase so if you really like the game, you get a discount. Like MLB The Show comes day one to Game Pass. But if you want to buy it, you still get to buy it cheaper than you can on Playstation.

  9. Wow, Game Players! Nice callback! I had a subscription when I was a kid in the 90's. Might still have that issue, too. I liked it better than EGM, seemed more "adult" and mature to my 10 year old brain. I remember Rise of the Robots looking sooo amazing in those previews then disappearing for a bit, and once released being a big disappointment compared to the preview screen shots. They then transitioned to the name "Ultra Game Players Magazine" once the "Ultra 64" / Nintendo 64 was released. Shortly after Ultra Game Players I transitioned to more "mature" or console specific mags such as Next Generation, PSM (Playstation Magazine), and PC Gamer.

  10. Great episode! Scoop 💜!
    I was looking at the list of the best selling games of all time and I’m in shock there’s is no play station exclusives on the list and it goes up to 50 games , that’s crazy to think of , and the list is mostly Nintendo exclusives and multi platform games , I’m just impressed by Nintendo strength when it comes to sales and exclusives games

  11. Does anyone know if the end credit songs are posted in the show notes anywhere? I was really digging the electronica tune at the end of this one and was hoping to find it on Spotify. Thanks!

  12. I had one of those programmable controllers for my SNES back in the 90’s – it come with pre-programmed SF2 special moves built in & had 3 buttons you could custom program

  13. I am wondering what is Nintendo going to do if it’s the next platform whenever it launches. Clearly the Nintendo switch is a runaway success and I like you guys doubt that they are going to break away from that. Most likely the next platform will be an upgraded version of the switch but that President Nintendo with problems Notre Dame on cell systems Nintendo has a habit of selling accessories. Remember Nintendo started out as a toy maker and for years they have been all about here’s a platform we have oh yeah we have some accessories to go with it do you want a New Nintendo Wii remote with a new color scheme here you go how about a Nintendo Wii steering wheel take it or how about new hot cons buy them please. What what happens when Nintendo releases a new platform and it is similar to the last platform everyone is going to expect all the accessories they previously purchased to work on that platform so why would they ever buy new accessories. Of course Nintendo also face is one major problem we don’t talk about joy cons are defective. Nintendo replaces them but they still have an inherent flaw built into them that’s why their face in a class action lawsuit right now. If they build a new iteration of the Nintendo switch when do they upgrade joy cons and get rid of this defect. If they do what does that mean for consumers Cove already purchased the older joy cons who will expect them to work on a new iteration of their next system. You’re going to have to offer them some reason why these new joy cons need to be purchased and just ignore the old ones you purchased already that are supposed to work but sometimes they break.

  14. I absolutely love Tina Amimi. She seems great at her job, smart, funny, articulate, fantastic gaming industry knowledge, great on camera. She is just perfect. 😍

  15. Scooop!!! I haven't finished the episode yet but thought I'd chime in on the misleading Skyrim figure: Skyrim was confirmed to have sold "Over 30 million" by Tod Howard in 2016 TWENTY SIXTEEN, it's more than likely At Least doubled that number with all its other iterations. The 30 million figure from 2016 doesn't even include the Switch or Anniversary editions of the game.

  16. So, having read quite a few of the messages on the IGN website covering the story of this Oddworld deal, and seeing the reactions of the panel here I'm actually shocked at the lack of sympathy practically everyone has for the developer. And I thought I wasn't a fan of developers!!! It's true I'll always side against any corporation but I'm wondering if hearing first hand experience pointing out that the subscription services that so many seem to love isn't quite the happy deal for all that everyone wants to believe it is; perhaps having a developer actually point this is out is a little too close to a reality no one wants to hear.

    I predicted a while back that one of these services will bring about the demise of some developers in the future. This story may not be anywhere close to that, but it's a tiny step towards that eventual story. This all reminds me of a conversation I had with a client, unrelated to the videogame industry, who discussed how supermarkets operate with their suppliers, and how they'll squeeze suppliers almost to breaking point in order to provide cheap prices to please their customers. Of course the videogame industry and the subscriptions services aren't exactly the same, but the principal is similar. I suppose in the same way people love online stores and home deliveries yet have no care about the conditions and pay of employees and suppliers, as long as that home delivery is cheap and on time, why should we care; it's not our problem. Everyone deserves the work, conditions and pay they take on, right!?

    I already despise these subscription services, knowing they'll eventually lead to taking all control away from gamers, and will ultimately lead to a marked increase in the cost of this hobby, and have no doubt it'll also see the end of some developers eventually. I know life is inextricably linked to corporations but I'm always surprised how quick people are to jump to their defense and actively defend their actions should a smaller entity dare speak out against them. I'm starting to wonder if the complaints that I've always read about exclusive titles, company acquisitions, and corporations closing down developers have any substance to them. I've no interest Oddworld or this Shafer guy, but in the interest of not going against the grain, maybe I ought to be saying… this was never a game for me; subscription services rule; whiney developer made the deal, he only has himself to blame. Yeah, sorry, f*** that attitude. I think defending corporations that essentially take advantage of smaller businesses is disgusting.

  17. i think the message between the lines is that the PS plus system doesn't seem as friendly to smaller devs than the xbox game pass system. I think that is the only real take-away from this story besides whatever sympathy we have for oddworld because they've had a rough life but at least seem to alyways keep moving forward.

  18. Daemon, DF is pointing out that why sure it might look better for not being tied to an older system, what it was doing with its graphics were out of reach of the switch.

    That trailer was pretty high rez and UBER clean anti aliasing.

    Those clouds on my high end PC cause issues. Saying “Nintendo can squeeze that out of the switch” is not true. The switch is less powerful than my current iPhone.

    Now, Im not saying breath of the wild can’t look good. I think that game is gorgeous, I’m just pointing out, that what DF was pointing out, is that trailer isn’t “some more optimizations”.

  19. I paid full price for oddworld because I didn’t have a ps5 at the time…gutted! I was praying for a return to the good old days of oddysee and exodus but no, they couldn’t do it!

  20. I think Nintendo excels at optimizing their games. Remember when BOTW first came out and people were surprised that it was only ~13 gb.

    BOTW was a game for both Wii U and Switch so I don't think what we are seeing for the sequel is unreasonable for a Switch only game.

    If any game was going to split generations it would be Metroid Prime 4.

  21. You guys do know that breath of the wild started on the Wii U hardware. So if Breath of the wild 2 is too big for the switch does that mean the Wii U is more powerful than the switch? I don't think so.

  22. What seems weird to me about oddworld is that I kind of equate that to psychonauts. It seems to have a niche following, but struggled to get completed. Tim Schaffer sang praise for gamepass for allowing them to not only finish, but to improve the game. It just makes me think that Sony really doesn’t understand how to handle the digital services and how to pay devs for taking part in them.

  23. The Oddworld games are like Tim Shafers games, they get alot of media coverage and journalists review them well ( for reasons unknown) but real world, real gaming consumers just don't like the games .. Odd world is known as a puzzle game, and most don't like slow puzzle games. IMO the only good one was Stangers wrath, the only one that wasn't a puzzle game and even it didn't sell well because of the oddworld name.

  24. PlayStation deal is bad for a developer. Next words out of your mouth are “Game Pass.” Except, this isn’t Game Pass, and Game Pass ≠ PS+. Putting them together in your conversation about a bad deal for a PS+ release is either incoherent, incompetent, or an argument on bad faith. Game Pass devs have praised their deals with Xbox. Bringing in a competitor’s bad deal to somehow concern troll about Game Pass should be beyond the pale. No wonder IGN’s readership is down and YouTube platform holders are rising.

  25. Tunic! I will not shut up about this game. It can literally be 100%’d in like two days. Please take a freaking weekend off of Elden Ring and beat this game. Hate how whenever someone brings it up in GOTY discussions everyone just moves right on past it to elden ring and horizon. Just play it please

  26. The fans of oddworld who own a ps5, of which there are quite a few, played the game from ps plus, their opinion after…..we were disappointed with this game, and wouldn't have bought it anyway, so maybe the developer, instead of blaming ps plus, should recognise that, from his own fanbase, a majority say they wouldn't buy it, should start thinking it maybe wasn't a very good game? When die hard fans of the series say it wasn't good….you can try to blame who you want, fact is the game was poor.

  27. What a Good Friday and Happy Scoop Day to all!! I’m so eggcited to see the Fab Four together again. Okay, I’m done with Easter puns. Hopefully, the omega cops won’t arrest me and put me in the punitentiary. Nicely job as always and thank you for having an episode on a holiday weekend!!

  28. I usually listen to this pod at work but given today is a holiday where I live it feels odd being home n tuning in lol

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