I Can't Believe How Fun this VR Game Is

I Can't Believe How Fun this VR Game Is

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  1. Great video as always.

    Wish, someone made a single player tactical shooter, that wont melt my pc.

  2. Got me to wishlist in the first 10 seconds lol. Good gameplay AND tactical in VR, CO-OP enabled, & procedural generation!?!? If done right, endless IRL tactical missions? Time to load up with the bois.

  3. What do you think about Metaverse gamefi in this year? I sure will be a trend, invest some potential project is not bad. I recomend Zombie World Z metaverse- p2e very attracting gamefi.

  4. Why is vr Ai so dumb..Ai make or break games and this Ai is so bad..what happen to the days we had Ai act real like brothers in arms? I get it's a indie game but onward is got stupid Ai as well. Games haven't been the same since early 2000s. Brothers in arms series really showed what Ai was capable of they would watch you and then counter your flank and take up good position. I guess gone are those days

  5. I love your videos. I’m gonna go back through and start watching older ones soon. You’re why I got interested in VR. I’m planning on buying a quest 2 for some light play and then eventually upgrading to a pc setup with the valve index.

  6. What is your plan about 100k subs in 10k subs you said maybe face reveal but you revealed your face so I am just wondering and sorry for my English it's kinda hard to understand

  7. We really do have the thank the dumpster fire that is R6 Siege for all of these great FPS Milsim titles we've seen in the last few years. If not for the uproar from R6 purists for the shit show Siege turned out to be, Devs wouldn't have acknowledged the market for serious low ttk fps shooters.

    I have zero complaints about this fact.

  8. I know you mentioned the game title once in the beginning but it'd be helpful if you put a link to it in the description.

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