EXTREME Flyby Compilation I AUTOBAHN I SUPERCARS I 300km/h+

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  1. NOTE Not all of this is the german autobahn. After re watching several times, you can see green signs when german and european signs are blue. Asian characters? Well, maybe Taiwan? White license plates without blue european union blue sign? The last clip shows some potholes on the highway? No way in Germany. Who knows where this was filmed. All over the world.

    I am from Honduras. In 1993 I travelled through Europe for seven months. I was first three months in Germany and bought an old VW Rabbit. Yes, I drove on the autobahn (almost always on the right. I passed on the left lane when I could see five kilometers behind, haha)

    I had driven in the 80s in the US highways so I know my way around. Anyways, I drove all over the place. Only Germany and Switzerland (I imagine also Austria) and maybe England? respect the LEFT LANE ONLY TO PASS and GO FAST. England, of course, right lane.

    Anyways, they dont respect it in any other country I know. France, meh, more or less,.Spain? NO way. Italy? Worse. The US? hahaha.

    It is amazing how the concept of leaving one lane for passing and going fast, is so hard to understand to the world.


    By the way, I saw a couple of accidents on the autobahn. Exploded cars like they were airplanes. Now you see why.
    Godspeed and safe driving, amigos.

  2. If only Smokey Nagata knew there was such thing as no speed limit road in Germany 🇩🇪 instead of doing it on London, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. But I guess that’s how he got known for it for getting caught

  3. 1:08 who ever these knuckle heads are I hope they crash a tree and get brain damage, legit this is not the autobahn, this is some where in the us and clearly they are speeding

  4. If this is actually the autobahn, y r ppl chillin in the left lane, and y r ppl passing on the right??? I swear drivers have somehow gotten even worse after covid smh. 84.2% of the worlds problems could b solved by teaching ppl lane etiquette and ditching speed limits.. great video btw

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