Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Unboxing & 100 Hour Review! | Camera, Gaming, Battery & More

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, with a review of the 200MP camera, gaming performance, battery life etc after four days …


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  1. Huge thanks for checking out my unboxing and 4-day review of the Samsung S23 Ultra – hoping to get a proper full review live by the month's end, and cover the regular and Plus sized S23 as well! Also, please ignore any Telegram scammers in the comments – cheers!

  2. Was debating whether or not I should wait for the S24 or just go ahead and get the S23 Ultra. Made the decision last night and pre-ordered. This looks very promising and could serve me for the next 5 years at least hahahaha. My S10+ (although still in very good condition) can finally rest in the hands of my younger siblings 😆 cant wait

  3. Thanks for the review. One thing that piss me off WHY in hell Samsung flagship even with the snapdragon removed the aptx HD codec or even the adaptive. Instead they just use the classic old aptx, which only 16bits. This is sux, look like they want to force people using samsung ear buds or headphones which use their own codecs.

  4. It still doesn't make sense that the pen is located on left side – as right handed, it should be located on right side for easier access.

  5. is it confirmed that all are using Snapdragon Chipset? still waiting for a few months. i'm still behind the fence and still rocking my Galaxy note 9.

  6. Did you post on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok directly from the apps with this S23U? Did Samsung really open the camera API to the apps so that the quality is good? Before only on iPhone the video looked good, on any Android it was crappy, low quality.

  7. To my eyes, it looks like its just an illusion of curve now when i talk about the screen. Its actually no longer that curved as it was before in their older models

  8. I dont understand some complaining about samsung's battery sucks. My S22U solid carried itself for almost 2 days without refilling the juice. Also, i set it to 85% max charge only!

  9. If ordering from the UK, don't forget you can get an extra 10% off the phone if you add a cheap USB cable or screen protector to the order

  10. Great video, but for people trying to save money for the same product, go with the galaxy s22 ultra. In my opinion, you can wait for an impressive upgraded model next time 😉

  11. 14:19 – This photo has loads of noise which I originally thought was down to Exynos processors in Samsung phones. Seems the same issue with the Snapdragon version…Sigh

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