Best Places to see in VRCHAT! [Quest & PC] feat. Thrillseeker

Best Places to see in VRCHAT! [Quest & PC] feat. Thrillseeker

Thrill and I partnered up to create a full tour and guide through VRChat, showcasing the best worlds, games, and experiences for …


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  1. Hi I'm new ish to VR only 3months in But have watched a few of your videos and found them very helpful, (loved the one about sleeping in VR ) I have not entered VR Chat yet, but after watching this I will be checking it out.
    So thanks and yes i'v subscribed.

  2. version slick and clutch exclusive only necessary mostly or primarily so on being favorable exceptions doodle or fidgeting and only cream drip ore cake hot than ore cake

  3. i wish i had the money to experience this. Im so held back by physical and mental issues that I cant work to earn money to actually buy a PC and vr headset for myself, maybe one day.

  4. New to vr chat and tried looking for alot of these worlds they don't show up in the search at all abit frustrating since they look amazing in your video. Maybe a new updated list would be helpful

  5. I need help. Throwing this out there for anyone. Made a vrchat account today, hopped on, anxiety kicked in.. Hopped off. Lmao. Nothing bad happened, even had a random request to join something or someone.. idk, that's the anxiety inducing thing for me though.. I don't know. Figured out how to push to talk but froze up scared to speak. I want to interact, it's just unknown territory. I'm like this by myself irl in crowds but I could have 1 friend around and it's easier to talk. Believe it or not, I'm a sociable person but unknown territory makes me withdraw. Vrchat is unknown territory for me. I've NEVER played a game where I've used a chat feature. Solo games or if co-op, I know the people I'm playing with personally and we play.

  6. Я так бы хотела попробовать это на себе! Я мечтаю об этом, погрузится в миры, проводить стримы, создать наконец-то свой аватар ( немного занимаюсь этим ). После просмотра вашего видеоролика захотелось ещё сильнее!
    Я желаю вам успеха в своих проектах. Спасибо, что открываете глаза на другие миры и даёте понять как же это прекрасно.
    Я случайно наткнулась на вас в рекомендациях и не жалею❤️

  7. harbor shina shina [Udon] what does Udon refer to? I see Udon in the title of different worlds is that a group or referring to a particular feature? Does it relate to Audiolink?

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