Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Unboxing & First Impressions!

Exclusive Preorder Link Galaxy S23 Ultra (get up to $150 off, free memory upgrade, and $600 trade in credit) …


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About the Author: Shane Symonds


  1. Amazing proper and spoken with clarity and not that stupid sled talk everyone on YouTube is doing to sound important, your video was absolutely flawless and I'm subscribed great video.

  2. Great review, Shane! You're the only one out there that's actually slowed down and taken the time to show in detail the flattened sides of the phone. I was curious about that part but everyone else seemed to just gloss over it. Also great comparison photos from S22 to S23. I'm also going to use your link to trade in My 22 Ultra. Thank you.

  3. I have had my s23 ultra for 2 days now , ordered on feb 2 arrived feb 3 , seems strange seeing videos from youtubers who say they have the review unit before it hits the shops , in europe there is no waiting its a 24 hour wait

  4. Just the review I was looking for, thank you! Upgrading to this one (from my Note 10+) in Lavender, 512GB so definitely an awesome upgrade for me. Just pre-ordered mine, can't wait!

  5. I don't like the black plastic that you pealed off, I always keep the factory plastic on until it gets too bad to keep, then off it comes, very disappointing

  6. Nope. I'm going stay with my S22 Ultra. Not much of a difference between S22 and S23 to get excited about. I'll wait till the next gen Galaxy B4 considering an upgrade.

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