Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unboxing

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is Samsung’s latest shot at a flagship folding smartphone. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR …


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  1. I got lucky with my phone situation. My dad got me a Note 9 in 2018 and I owned the phone until I traded it in for the Note 10+. I wanted to personally buy my phone at that time and since then, I just kept using the trade in and credit offers. Got the Note 20 Ultra a year later and saw the emerging foldable market. I waited until the Fold 3 when they added the s pen support and water resistance. I took the leap and got one. I did all of this all while never spending over $850 for any of these phones. I'm sure had I not had the Note 9 as my phone, I wouldn't be in the position to buy any of these high priced phones. Also my current phone is the Fold 4.

  2. i got this fine u cant get there cases very hard to get a hard case for protection and phone is already busted i would never recommend this phone to anyone … yes good phone fast processor… once dropped yr done its very fragile just like a thin glass iam going back to iphone sorry!!!!

  3. It's 2 galaxy phones put together!! Galaxy is not reinventing the cellphone nor creating a new device period! The same thing goes for their flip phone. The only thing amazingly incredible here, is the price.

  4. it fucking annoying please don't buy this phone for the sake of you money and web(and app) developer!
    do you know how many line of CSS(media query) code(some times JS) should a developer write to work in all those shitty screen size?

  5. Watching this review in Fold 2 in tablet mode…Great phone! A phone that bends, the screen that folds and experience that expands…I compared fold 2 and 3 together..and decided to go for fold 2…because its cheaper than fold 2 and almost same…

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