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Massdrop X Meze 99 – Jabra Elite 65t (USA Link) – Jabra Elite 65t …


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  1. Why dint you mention about the box when you try to open it 😉 guess its a paid promotion or he missed it. Well for the rest of audience, just to let you know it does not give a good first impression as the box is tough to open, hardware issue, its so annoying.

  2. One year on the Jabra Active Elite 65t and still going strong. One of the best ear buds out there. Amazing build quality, durability, water resistant and I am actually able to do sprints, do body-weight exercises and able to box (heavy bag) with them.

  3. My first buds. They feel like they sit in ur ear …so u feel the presence and the weight and in an hour I am sure it’s gonna be uncomfortable. The sound volumes are ok not great. Not feeling any wow factor in the audio quality either. Is this product really more hype than anything else. My previous soundpeats were light in the ear and they sounded great as well.

  4. Yo! No one mentions anything about the left earbud not working alone! It has to be the right earbud or both. The left earbud alone is USELESS!

  5. I just heard a guy say they cut off on him 2X in a 5 hr period? 🤷🏾‍♂️ I like JAbra due to their bone conduction so u can hear around you and the music. So Incase you’re driving with them on you’ll hear a honk or an ambulance 🚑!

  6. anyone else that has these hear a hissing sound in the left ear? Im wondering if id switch them out with a new pair the hissing will not be present. Although there are many people online having the same problem so idk if its common.

  7. Great pods. But i got my at iplaypods,com and i think they are even better. Because they looks same as apple ones and they are cheap for that quality. My recommendation.

  8. BEWARE. I owned the 65T for about a year and when you’re listening to ANYTHING in a high volume, you’ll hear a constant hissing/white noise that really ruins the experience.

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