The First 17 Minutes of Metroid Prime Remastered

The First 17 Minutes of Metroid Prime Remastered

Check out the first 17 minutes of Metroid Prime Remastered gameplay, the re-released version of the GameCube classic, Metroid …


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  1. Really cool of Nintendo to release the digital version now for those who want to play it while they manufacture the carts, but I’ll be waiting for the physical release.

  2. How does this look and run so much better than just about everything ever released for Switch?

    Retro know something other devs just don’t about designing games

  3. Yes it does look a lot better. But this is also why I’ve moved away from Nintendo years ago. They just rehash the same games over and over. Nothing new for like 8 years since the wiiu.

  4. There is no longer an excuse for games on Switch to not run at 60fps. Even if the resolution gets cut to 720p, it feels so much better!

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