The Origins of Virtual Reality

The Origins of Virtual Reality

VR is something that has always fascinated me. Turns out I’m not alone in that. It’s not something that just manifested into …


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  1. VR is finally here as great cheap consumer tech… and most audiences don't care, even with massive push by Meta. It's not yet as comfortable as glasses, it doesn't play most games people want to play (having generic clones is no good), graphics are a throwback to earlier times so crazy resolution and framerate needs are met and, above every other consideration, it's a hard sell on traditional 2D media – you need to actually try it to understand how transformative the experience is. And we need more big games drawing people in, that's for sure…

  2. I have seen VR and its a lot like lego. Some people are lego minded. They could build endless things. But when I saw my cousin still playing lego at 20 I felt sorry for him.

  3. Except that I refuse to accept any of the things you've referred to in this video as VR, because actual true VR doesn't exist! (yet, anyway) If anything, I consider this whatever it is you've been talking about in this video, to be at best, a downgrade from AR…

    It's a display that you stick on your head with MEMs devices for sensing acceleration, some setup for sensing movement of other body parts, like IR sensors, and a controller to interact with the virtual world.

    This is a so far off, something like what's been shown in movies/shows like The Matrix, SAO, Tron(?) etc. that it only seems like a janky rip-off, with a big name used only because marketing. When you use the term "Virtual reality," I expect at a bare minimum: A brain machine interface (BMI) capable of detecting, reading, and writing data DIRECTLY from and to the brain, whether that be wireless or not doesn't matter. I also expect to be put in in a coma-like state, to avoid hurting yourself or similar; whether this is because you take a drug to put you in this state, or by the BMI device directly hijacking your brains movement signals, so they never gets sent to your muscles. (Of course vital muscles like the diaphragm, and heart would have to be excluded.)

    While I haven't heard much about it in a while, I consider experimental developments like Neuralink, and Deep Image Reconstruction to be much closer to actual VR, that what is marketed as it. Whereas by the logic of sticking a display to your face and calling it VR, you would also have to call ANYTHING (especially anything that's CGI) you see an ANY display, ever, VR; because the display you stick to your face has a motion sensor, doesn't make it VR, it's still just a display!

  4. We may be in another boom-bust cycle right now… tons of hype but in the long term, how are current VR systems going to make people's lives easier/better?

  5. I remember trying early 90s VR as a kid, and… well, let's just say that I don't complain about my modern headset's weight and performance very much, lol.

  6. If it mackes you ill and dont enjoy vr i see why its bad i pusht thrue sick big mistake has a gp or out tested vr proper for are helath i with i had sage vr

  7. It seems like VR has been this pet project picked up by one group at a time who advanced the technology until they ran themselves into the ground and then it waits for another group to start developing it further.

  8. You forgot the sensoroma, a thing were you stuff your face in a box for a 3d screen and would have noise and SMELL, which is why but great at the same time

  9. when the part about Virtuality came up, I finally had an epiphany. Rush has a song titled Virtuality that was released in the 90's, and now putting the song in the context of the existence of the company, its content makes even more sense now.

  10. There is no such lessons. Because humans are not capable of deciding what is too ambitious. Many successful techs have a predecessor that was too ambitious for its time. But when it is the appropriate time? If you have hindsight bias, you can always claim that there is clear "tell", you just need to see it. You know, we have stories that a company was too slow to adapt and went bankrupt. Again, that was hindsight bias. At that time, maybe they believed the tech was not ready, and would not be profitable.
    I think the moral of the story really comes down to: you need LUCK and no king rules forever.

  11. totally was in one of those 90s riggs in Toronto's canada's wonder land, when i was ten, they let you use it for about a second and then the next acne face lines up to stick there face in the helmet. worlds largest wodden coaster wooo!

  12. Never brought up again for 15 years ??? Just do a little bit more research and you'll find various PC headsets / 3D glasses. Or things like the PS VR…

  13. As soon as this video started I thought β€œhe better mention Lawnmower Man, he seems like someone who would know about it” and low and behold he did not disappoint.

  14. *Tries VR in 1995* Awww its a fad
    *Tries VR in 2013* Yep the fad is back, it'll die again soon…
    *Tries VR IN 2020* Oh shit I think we really are in the simulation….

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