Unboxing The $5000 Massage Chair…

TruMedic MC-2000 – https://www.trumedic.com/products/instashiatsu-massage-chair-mc-2000-ut This has to be one of my favorite …


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  1. You're gonna need a more expensive massage chair to really get a proper massage! HumanTouch Novo XT2 is a good one! $25,000 but HIGH HIGH TECH!

  2. bro i literally tried this on shrooms today 😂 i called my friend who was at the gym and told him im tripping balls, he then asked me to come there and LITERALLY snuck me to his gym and directed me to this exact kind of chair and told me ”Wait here let me finish my training, i’ll be back in 40mins” those 40 minutes were the most heavenliest 40 minutes in my life 😂😂

  3. i had a similar one in my hotel room in malaysia. He didnt try the foot massage, which is so intense I was worried it was malfunctioning and going to hurt me. But soon got used to it, and amazing after a day stood on your feet

  4. rather have 50 massages by a massage therapist. I don't even think I would use this chair more than 30 times…

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