How Resident Evil 4 Revolutionised Survival Horror

How Resident Evil 4 Revolutionised Survival Horror

In 2005, Resident Evil 4 took the series to new heights by embracing more action and implementing mechanics that have since …


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  1. You can’t judge the quality of an entire game from a demo. At first they were saying that RE3 remake was better than RE2 when they played the demo but turned out to be way of the mark on that one obviously

  2. The over the shoulder play style is what’s truly revolutionary about this game. It’s been replicated by so many game ever since & is still the standard today

  3. Dude…
    Iam bored this topic is discused again and again…
    Stop being overated.
    Even the new remake npc enemy is far too behind last of us ps3 in term of motion.
    Too stiff slugish and soulless.

  4. "By turning RE into an action genre?"

    True yes, but RE4 at its core is still RE. Puzzles, dread, bactracking and item management, all these are still present in RE4 but was gone on 5 and 6.

    Personally its not RE4 who changed RE its 5 since it started to cater more on multiplayers 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. You mean how it destroyed survival horror, making the games focus less on psychological horror and conserving ammo/items, to just an action fest that gives no fear at all

  6. RE 4 is not the first game who introduce over the shoulder shooting. Freedom fighter from 2003 have also OTS shooting system. RE 4 just refine it more.

  7. RE4 is honestly one of the most influential games of all time. Right alongside Breath of the Wild and the Souls series.

  8. the original re4 holds a special place in my heart but its about to get taken over by the remake that is if it delivers (which it surely will)

  9. resident evil 4 although it's one of the greatest games ever is only a survival horror game being play the first time. The game is just pure fun. Now on the remake on the other hand might follow the same fate as the OG RE4; Fun with replay values.

  10. It revolutionized third person shooter by introducing over the shoulder camera which kills survival horror (mostly RE series itself) by turned it into 'action-horror', but at the same time improves survival horror at the right hand (Dead Space, TLoU, TEW). As for revolutionizing genre itself I'm not really sure but Alien: Isolation and Darkwood really nails survival horror by making it unpredictable and adding 'fear the unknown' elements

  11. RE4 DID NOT revolutionize survival horror because IT IS NOT a survival horror game. Not even Shinji Mikami himself considers it as such. It's an action game with some horror elements thrown in.

  12. I've lost track at how many times you morons uploaded similar videos. You literally made the same thing about Dead Space & the other RE's word for word

  13. Its resident evil month for me im playing the whole series in chronological order:0,1 remake 1,2,3 ps1 originals, 2 and 3 remake,Code Veronica X, 4 original and remake,revelations,5,revelations 2,6,biohazard 7, and village

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