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  1. One area the motorized shoes would excel in compared to the competition is terrain. No electric skateboard or hoverboard is going to be able to navigate a jacked up NYC sidewalk like those could

  2. Huawei reminds me of Sega, always pushing tech forward by thinking outside the box and not worrying about failing. Unfortunately that's how we lose these types of companies who take risks while Apple sits back and lets people beta test the tech and then they "revolutionize" the idea and say they are the worlds first. I expect Apple copying this idea in about 5 years or so. Its really dope and amazing. I actually might have to buy these just to show my support.

  3. Call me an old fuddy duddy, but Astro, needs to be set on fire. Can you imagine in five or ten years from now? Mind you, if it did have a built in vacum. Could clean itself also. And didn't turn into a lemming near stairs……..

  4. Can you test an electric unicycle!? Begode is coming out the a unicycle called an A2 that is fully water proof goes 25mph has a 750wh battery and a pretty good wheel for beginners…probably. If your open to something a little older a KingSong 16xl would be pretty good too. There are so many wheels to choose from, but as someone who doesn’t regularly use a wheel you probably shouldn’t jump into a 100lb suspension wheel.

  5. 1. Amazon should collaborate with a good vacuum robot maker and combine the technology.
    2. Huawei can make the watch buds even more convenient by reducing the number of buds to just one and strap it outside the watch instead of inside.

  6. Hate to sound paranoid but this is all a prelude to law enforcement reviewing algorithms from sound and video captured in people's homes. It's only a matter of time when a group of over-ambitious blue-flag waiving lawmakers allow this.

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