Resident Evil 4: Biggest Story Differences

Resident Evil 4: Biggest Story Differences

What are the biggest Resident Evil 4 story changes in the RE4 remake? From RE4 cut content to major Resident Evil 4 character …


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  1. We already know he was forced into being a secret agent since Resident Evil 3 (original not the shitty remake)'s epilog and Darkside Chronicles as well. All these shitty remakes make me so mad.

  2. Im interested to see what they are doing with that change in the end.. will this "remake" Resident evil story line take another route after 4 so they don´t have to remake 5 and 6? are they trying to connect the storys between 4 and 7 with two new games?

  3. I'm dissapointed that they clearly nerf Ramon and his bodyguards battle so much it feels so fast to beat him. Also one of his bodyguard that is chasing Leon underground doesn't feel as scary as in the original. Feels so hollow.

    But I'm happy they nailed the Regenerador and made them as scary as the original.

  4. Osmund Saddler meets Leon wáy later in the remake. His role only becomes prominent in Chapter 14. Pretty huge story shift.

    Also, Ada meets Leon much later on in the castle in the remake. Her entrance in the original was way more iconic, imo.

  5. One of the BIGGEST changes not mentioned here: Krauser first appears during the Castle segment, instead of The Island. In the original game, Krauser was dispatched by Saddler much later in the story. Leon and Krauser's knife fight happened on The Island as well, not in the mines of the Castle. Krauser and Salazar also never met in the original while they do meet in the Remake, when Salazar gives Ashley to Krauser.

  6. Having beaten the original probably hundreds of times they did a fantastic job with this remake had some major doubts and my hopes were low but damn it imma definitely be playing this one a hundred times this and 8 had lots of fun with 8 for some reason lol

  7. Wesker is the type of guy who wears ultra dark sunglasses and spends days in a dark room with only the computer as the source of light

  8. Now its possible, for capcom to re create the event when Chris and Jill go to European Branch of Umbrella and found some piece of information based on Luis

  9. Kinda pisses me off that they outsed Louis as a former Umbrella member instead of waiting till his death. Ruins the friendship Leon built with him in the short time they were together like in the original

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