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  1. I only paid 22 for it. Its not so bad but it has it flaws. It doesnt have castlevania or mike tysons punchout. Also the controller is only for player 2. This handheld system is basically a shitty action 52 cart. Avgn needs to fo a review on this. Overall its ok for the price and better then using emulators on my andriod phone.

  2. How does dope or nope even exist when we have unbox therapy lol!!! This guy is actually funny and clever but beyond all that he only plays bangers and the products are almost always f$!#%in amazing!!!

  3. Double Dragon! I was born in '93 and grew up with the old NES. A lot of my friends don't have the same nostalgia for these old games because they already had Playstations or Nintendo64's. My sisters and I would play games like Double Dragon and Rivercity Ransom for hours!

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