Mysterious UFO Footage Has Joe Rogan Talking

Latercase – Clip from Lew Later (This Footage Shouldn’t Even Exist.


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  1. I wonder if that was the aircraft's first pass by the object. My bet is that they were cruising along at 210 knots at10,000 feet and passed a Mylar balloon that had found it's freedom. wow! what was that? Lets go back and see, get your camera out, after a few minutes of circling the ballon was spotted again and thus the fly by video. Sorry if that pops everyone's theory.

  2. Hey LEW and WILL I have always loved your Unbox Therapy channel, but this? There is not one day going by where I'm not watching at least 2 of your videos. You guys rock! and you know what? you are all I need in my life <3 Keep it up

  3. UFOs as in Alien UFOs is a total myth, just like big foot. All these videos and picture are never clear, which to me is are false and scammers attempting to make something so mysterious real. Seeing is believing for me and I haven’t seen anything in my entire life to say yes this is real!

  4. Saw the same thing Howie did in the night sky about a year and half ago. Light that was moving, stopped then shot off at high speed. The thing that makes me thing it isn't of extraterrestrial origin is why would they have lights on their spaceships? They want to advertise it?

  5. So many comments fail to recognize this is exactly what many UFO's have looked like going back to the 1950s. Furthermore if its stationary and not moving at that height with a plane flying by that makes it evern MORE likely to be anti-gravity of some sort than a balloon.

  6. For the love of God… look up the flight plan, get the time of the incident, the location, the weather at that moment at that location, the wind speed and direction from that, and extrapolate.

    Then you will know the velocity of the object with relation to the wind, the velocity of the plane, do a little vector math and have more incite. You can call the nearest military base and ask if they recorded any targets without transponders that day, and perhaps get further data points.

  7. Flew past a birthday ballon … if it came BACK and flew next to the airplane, then I'd have some questions … prop plans fly faster than that … dummies talking too much.

  8. I saw UFO in 2008 and then 2022. No one believed..but captured something in my phone cam..but what I saw with my eyes idk…it just disappeared. And was near the moon.

  9. Joe Rogan considers everything. I wonder if he considers this….

    For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2Co 5:7

    Keyword: sight
    Lexicon :: Strong's G1491 – eidos

    Root word
    Lexicon :: Strong's G1492 – eidō
    KJV Translation Count — Total: 666x

  10. The more I look at it the more it seems smaller than the plane. Which wouldn't make sense for what you'd imagine a UFO to be. But then again, maybe aliens are tiny beings, and their smaller stature has helped them to be more resilient for long distance speed travel (less materials, lighter weight, advanced tech = faster travel).

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