Apple's new augmented reality headset unveiled – BBC News

Apple's new augmented reality headset unveiled - BBC News

Apple has unveiled a much-anticipated augmented reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, in its first major hardware launch for almost …


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  1. Is this advertising in the form of news? Reports like this shouldnt be allowed, how do we know that apple didnt pay millions for bbc to advertise this product? Glad i dont pay for the bbc anymore……

  2. I mean from viewing the apple commercial trailer of this product it looks really futuristic and quite different, but if it’s hoping to kick start something different to make vr extremely popular rather than this minority amount of people using it, it’s got to be something where it meets people’s needs and the price is accessible though. I know apple products are always expensive and that’s the reputation of it, but with that vr headset maybe it’s pricing out potential new buyers and it failing to hit its desired price targets.

  3. Honestly I thought apple was going to make their headset more simple than this but this is highly detailed

  4. So have they solved the health issues and and fatigue that comes with having a screen attached to your face for long periods of time or is this just more speculative investment scamming like Microsoft and Google did a while back with their AR glasses?

  5. Price is too damning for an outright purchase; I think we need to start working towards having a rolling contract like that of phones to include more folks.

  6. Love this. Just a shame the price point pretty much excludes most of us but excited to see where this goes in the future

  7. Shame she didnt go hands on with it first. I like how the anchor guy appears to be clueless about what it actually is.

  8. Nope trapped in a ski mask for hours on end πŸ˜‚ 3500 quid id expect actual glasses wtf rip off fantastic though if your into ski masks πŸ˜‚

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