The Flash – Movie Review

The Flash - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdú, Kiersey …


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  1. I'm boycotting the flash because Ezra Miller makes me sick 🤢 Ezra Miller is a disgusting woman abusing scumbag!!! Violence against women is wrong!!! I hope Ezra Miller goes to prison and drops the 🧼 soap becomes bubba's bitch!!! Ezra Miller needs to do hard time and the flash needs to flop!! Boycott the flash and all Warner bros movies and games!!! Bankrupt Warner bros!!!

  2. OK but how can you support this movie when you don’t support the lead actor? Ezra Millers actions and what he’s done and what’s been in the news is horrifying. He’s a predator. I know that a ton of people worked very hard on this movie But how do you separate him from the rest of the film as art? I want to see it, but I just can’t support this film because DC didn’t care about what Ezra Miller was doing or hd already done.

  3. Micah 4:5 5 All the nations may walk in the name of their gods, but we will walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever.

  4. I’m anxious to see this movie now, how ever I have an issue about the over use of cgi. It makes movies look to clean, I want actors to look less caked with make up and hair products. Bring in some raw natural elements to these movies.

  5. I’m excited for the movie but I haven’t liked Ezra miller in any of the movies he’s been in but idk if that’s him or the people making the past movies

  6. Did you also see the unfinished cut of the film? Apparently advanced and press screenings (like the one I saw) used a cut of the film without the full ending and no credit scenes – and it really looked like some of the CGI was clearly unfinished, not just rushed.

    I agree with your review in general, though. Except I'm still not sold on Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, even if he was undoubtedly funny at times and very solid in the more dramatic stuff, he was a bit too weird, a bit too creepy, and yeah, a bit too annoying. Still can't believe the film was as good as it was, though.

  7. Don’t fgt friends Affleck is in this 2..Hopefully this can help pull the DC films out of the dumpster fire that has plagued us for so long 🤞🤞🤞

  8. You didn't mention there's a (very odd) end credits scene. You don't need to mention what happens, but people should stick around.

  9. there's no good reason to watch this movie
    – all it is, is a pointless movie to explain a reboot that would of been smarter to just … reboot, don't need a timeline event to cause it cause it simply doesn't matter
    – ezra in no way should get a movie on all the things he did, the fact at all its still going is insane to me and basing the rebooted era on him is insane
    – why would the audience go, its not branding, its not ezra, its not flash fans, its not social media crowd its not comic fans, i can't see how the bar is so low to watch it just cause it exists by rich company

  10. Hey guess what! I actually got to see this movie early! Yay! It was totally a good movie, enjoyed a packed theater and plenty of reactions to the many surprises in the movie haha. You're right the CGI was definitely distracting but somehow forgivable bc the story was great. I like Ezra Miller and loved how he play the Barry's haha. I really like Supergirl too, my little neice watches some cartoon with a supergirl in it and I know she will be excited to see her in this movie. The movies release date was after our anniversary so I think we'll go watch it again. 👍

  11. I knew this movie had to be good. With everything going on with Ezra miller? There was no chance DC was going to release this movie unless they knew they had a hit on their hands.

  12. It looks really good it’s too bad Ezra with the whole child grooming and beating up old ladies thing though.

  13. I watched an early screening of it last night, and I can say that it’s an ok movie, but he’s right about the CGI. It’s definitely takes you out of the movie. And as I’m not an Ezra fan they did a good job with the role.

    Expect a ton of Easter eggs and the ending is fun. But i agree with this view

  14. Will definitely see it next week upon release.
    The one thing that kinda bugs me and I am really, really hoping that its just in the trailers and not so much through the rest of the film, is the use of wide-angle lenses AND close-ups. I don't know why but it really stands out to me in the trailers, especially when it exaggerates Ezra Miller's face so, so much. Chris mentioned here that the camera work is very well done, but hell I was surprised to hear that given the footage from the trailers, but again I hope its not shot that way through most of the movie.
    The other thing that kinda bugs me, again only from what I gather in the trailers, is seeing some of the actions scenes, with Batman, during the daytime. It feels so odd to see Batman during the day, haha. Again, I hope I'm not just thinking too hard on this and that the movie will deliver something more. But those are just my main 2 concerns.

  15. Wazn't this movie shot, like, 4 years ago, and was getting delayed again nd again due to multiple reasons (the pandemic, the WB buyout, the Ezra irl controversies..).
    If anything, I think this movie is probably the one where the VFX artists had the most time to polish.
    But it might also very well be that there were a ton of late reshoots, hence a ton of new VFX to be done yet again.

  16. I need to see Henry Cavill in this movie.

    If this is truly the movie that ends the Snyder era, he needs to be in this movie. It’s unacceptable to me if he’s not apart of this film at all.

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