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  1. I was soooo sceptical about this watch
    But the fact that my pixel watch is on my wrist and I'm looking at it. Like why do I have this 3xpensive watch when I see this cmf watch do everything that I need from a watch and all the other unnecessary crap I never use.. if the quality is there and the software is as smooth as a top tier smartwatch.. then I'm getting this watch…

  2. See nothing new here except a marketing campaign based on fit and finish. Are the products good? We have no idea. Well cool, they didn’t intentionally make they cheap looking. At least not in the sense they will only last a week or two. Assume they will sell a lot of chargers and ear buds.

  3. Isn’t that what the rumoured Apple Watch S7 design supposed to look like with the flat sides. Also on price good to see it’s on a more budget end will have to see what the UK prices will be

  4. These products are great for people who approach tech as a tool versus a lifestyle: inexpensive quality products that get the job done while still looking stylish.

    Will definitely keep this brand in mind along with Nothing 👍🏽

  5. All of those are really cool.
    I really missed the classic Grey tech of the late 90’s early 2000’s and the dot matrix type face.
    Definitely will buy these when I need to headphones and a watch next.
    Plus the power brick will be a definite recommendation for my 65w users needs.

  6. Buds never stay in my ear it'd be nice if some of the smart ones came with a second option as far as wrap around the ear with water resistance with good quality in comparison to some of the ones 12.99 15.99

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