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  1. It's MS fault. They should bring more competition and improve their shitty XBOX. Now that Sony is the beast in the console industry, Sony can bully the customers. 😂

  2. The moment you said you havent heard of any issues with the PS5, you lost me. Because that was a big thing, folks were getting bricked consoles days after purchase and in rest mode

  3. Yeah in the past you could sell or trade in your current console for the new version and the difference wouldn't cost very much so it was worth it to do so… Bummer that's not the case anymore. My guess is there will be large sales on these new consoles for Black Friday type events.

  4. Sony will not give up optical drives for the PS6. The physical media market in Japan is huge, also the 2nd hand game market. They will make a lot of enemies if they try to go digital only.

  5. this is literally just a slim option, just like what's been done for other sony consoles in the past…that's all..not understanding what the need for criticism is

  6. Glad Ryan came out and said it. This refresh only benefits Sony. Sony is continuing their pro-profit, anti-consumer ways during the PS5 era and are really only after the extra money to be made

  7. the fact that these guys are discussing if its worth buying this new slim if you already are an owner of original ps5 is beyond me……its as if they have IQ of 50….

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