Unboxing the Hisense 100-inch U8K Mini LED TV

Get the 100-inch U8K and receive a complimentary digital copy of NBA 2K24: Black Mamba Edition. Offer valid until November 30, …


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  1. Mine was delivered this past Saturday. $3k from Best Buy. Easily matches the 85" QM8 that I had (and returned) before it. Easily. The remote of the QM8 is much better, however. That's about the only thing the U8K doesn't match or surpass vs the QM8. And lemme tell ya…it's BIG. And heavy (150ish lb). Well worth $3k for a home theater set up if you don't want to mess with a projector.

  2. I've actually been looking at the previous model of this TV, namely the HiSense U7K 55" – it's 4k @ 144hz Native Panel which is what I'm suuuper excited about. Playing my PC and PS5 on high framerates on the big screen? Oh heelllllll yes boiii
    This video may have just pushed me over the edge to get a new one.

  3. Dam unbox therapy flexing on us reviewing 100 inch tv sure nice tv unbox therapy is one of the best YouTube channels allways dose one of the best unboxing with crew keep up great work keep puting out great videos 😊

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