Lethal Company Early Access Review

Lethal Company Early Access Review

Lethal Company reviewed in Early Access by Gabriel Moss on PC. There’s nothing quite like a multiplayer survival-horror game …


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  1. He keeps mentioning lack of story, not realising that not everyone wants in depth story for this type of game. If you want story go play an open world single player game. Its better than a 7.

  2. Seems like if everyone in comments became a reviewer by themselves, they would be giving 9 and 10 to every game.
    People dont get how reviewing is done.

  3. Every product is mostly judged based on the price.This thing costs around 10 dollars and it offers a lot of multiplayer fun for an EA game.
    What did you expect from an EA 10 dollar game to be like RD2 or GTA to give it a 10?
    Also why did review an EA game?What is the point?

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