The Game Awards 2023 Biggest Reveals

The Game Awards 2023 Biggest Reveals

These are the biggest The Game Awards announcements! IGN’s Daemon Hatfield, Jada Griffin, Destin Legarie, and Kat Bailey …


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  1. Imagine a DMC & Ninja๐ŸฅทGaiden crossover or a Rico Rodriguez & Lara Croft crossover or an Uncharted & Tomb Raider crossover or a Halo & Doom crossover or a Witcher & Lord of the Rings crossover yo

  2. Aren't the hosts disturbed by this? Can they not see this generated image of real actors is going to kill the industry and process of creation? Recreating everything is lazy and boring.

  3. Exclusivity isn't as important as making money. You can say that having exclusives is the long way to making more money in the future, but for now, non-exclusivity is the short road to making more money.

  4. OD and Blade. Letโ€™s go. Jordan Peele was on Kojimas podcast. And it was a pretty amazing conversation. They really did get along well and wanted to do something together.

    Cool as heck. He also spoke about using the cloud to create games in the future.

  5. They really are trying to kill blade off. Blade does not fit for this developer. Making cutting vampires heads off cartoony kinda makes this a joke.

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