(Drone Camera Captured What NO ONE Was Supposed To SEE!) Mysterious UFO Footage SHAKING The Internet

(Drone Camera Captured What NO ONE Was Supposed To SEE!) Mysterious UFO Footage SHAKING The Internet

Explore Mysterious UFO Footage SHAKING The Internet!! Terrifying UFO footage Caught on Camera. Watch New UFO Sightings, …


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  1. I had a weird sighting. There was this orange light and a green light, both morphed into 2 lights and like someone flipped a switch they were gone. Definitely a 9 on my weird shit-o-meter.

  2. This is so stupid. It's hard to view the videos you put on. But, you make it so much worse by obscuring the poor video with the foggy overlays. The spooky sounds add nothing to the videos. Dumb! I really want to like your channel. Argh!

  3. That white object that flew by so fast in the clear blue sky, would have never been seen if it wasn't caught on video. Wow! I remember a show called "Sightings" back in the 90s, that featured some things that looked just like this white object. People were capturing them on tape quite often back then. I can't remember what they called them, but they did have a little name that they referred to them by. White looking, kind of small, skinny cylindrical, type things. Really weird. 🕳🕳

  4. Hey. The weird yellow lights in the second video, are reflecting off of the mother ship. Look closely; there's a huge black line around 8:17 that goes across the screen. At 8:20, we can clearly see it, but it is cloaked. The smaller lights are reflecting off of it. The cloaking device they are using makes it look like the surrounding area, like the braking camera systems. It looks like nothing is there, but they reflect certain lights. I've noticed this ship in quite a few videos now. It took me a long time to see it was a reflection, but it's clear in this video too. Watch it frame by frame. It's reflecting. That's why they move similarly. The Mothership is a couple of miles across. I think it's the same ship that is in the first video too. (I came in late and didn't want to start over.)LOL. .

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