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  1. Please stop calling 200 inch long cars 'small' lmao. This car is huge. A Toyota Corolla is an entire 1 1/2 feet smaller – that's not a small car. A small car is a Jeep Renegade, Suzuki SX4, Chevy Trax, VW Golf. Those cars are around 3 entire feet smaller.

  2. So it's worse than a Tesla Model 3 in every single way possible and almost 3x the price. Got it. You should open with that next time reviewing an EV. 😅

  3. I enjoy your content here and the tech stuff you review. I do have a minor gripe about your AF channel. Seems a better name would be EV Focus. Auto Focus is too broad a term for what you do here. Like I said, it is a minor gripe. Keep making great content!

  4. No mention of BMW trying to implement subscription fees for heated seats and features. They may have back tracked on it at the moment but it is inevitable. Main reason to avoid all BMWs.

  5. love BMWs but every one made after 2019 looks like trash, the inside console especially of this new car looks like a crappy gloss plastic Chinese boombox from 2003 you'd now find at goodwill. its brand new yet feels so chunky and dated immediately. they lost the plot. ive still got a 74 2002 and a 86 e30 if yall could just look over your old homework and take a few design cues id sure appreciate it.

  6. Unsubscribing! Not a review that I feel is accurately depicting the line. Not one mention of the fact it is an M performance model car!

  7. Nice review, I'm hoping the next ten of BMW's sedans are ground up EVs. Other than the obvious compromises based on having to support a gas or hybrid drive train, they're pretty nice. Despite the weird front ends, I think they overall look better than the Mercedes, which are either boring in an old fashioned way (gas) or boring in a new blobby jelly bean way (EV).
    Interesting point of reference: 20 years ago, the top trip regular 5 series, not counting the M5, was the 2004 545i, which according to KBB had a starting MSRP (with no options) of $54,995, which in 2024 dollars is $91,284. Despite the options on this press car bringing it up to ~$100k, the starting MSRP of the i5 M60 (again, the most expensive regular 5 series this year) is $84,100. In other words, the top spec base MSRP on the 5 series has gone down about 8% over the last 20 years.

  8. They've also removed a bunch of stuff that the G30 had, for example comfort access from the rear doors, all phev versions had ac panel in the rear. The seat controls in the screen is really crappy to use and I really missed a real ac controls in the front that are NOT integrated in the screen. AND the worst part, you cant open the sun roof… ???

  9. my 2022 GTI Autobahn has headed and cooled front seats…..heated steering wheel and headed back seats… it’s a bummer that this beemer doesn’t

  10. Not specious in the rear? Who cares, this is not a car to be giving out "car pools"! You should be fortunate the even get a ride in the back in one of these beauties! 🤦‍♂

  11. Getting a EV means the car can get hacked & taken over by the government. Julia Roberts tried warning everybody about this in her lastest movie on Netflix but I guess the world don't care until it's too late

  12. The Tesla model S plaid in the lucid air grand touring are 120,000 for under six figures you cannot find a better electric car with performance technology and luxury. This car is amazing. Also, let’s throw an Audi and Porsche and Mercedes-Benz to get the same performance technology and luxury you’re spending between 120 and 150,000. This is the best car for the money.

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