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  1. I used it on my older 2011 car and I missed it so much that I'm using it on my 2023 car now that has android auto. I just like having a screen just dedicated to Spotify. The presents buttons are super nice. Voice control as well. Sad to see this go as I use one at my desk too. We need to have a universal one from Google or so.

  2. Maybe Spotify was expecting a big tech firm to acquire it but i guess that cash grab didn't work out so they're ending it

  3. Car thing refund not (at any amount) for those who bought it second hand despite 3rd party receipt, pictures of the product with SN and they reached out to me as they saw I was using a car thing with my account.

  4. They need to make it open source and just use it as a controller for media I would like one at my office next to my phone or in the wall of my garage to control my Bluetooth for the shop

  5. This is ridiculous. We cannot keep accepting products that need Internet connection to work. I can barely play a mobile game without a connection. It's ridiculous

  6. It sucks becauseI originally was going to buy this for my desk setup to make it easier to change songs and whatnot. Not to mention the hardware and how compact it is makes it minimalistic and I’m just confused why spotify is trying so hard to wipe these things off the map. While its great your getting refunds to have credit for spotify premium, why not just leave it be for people who love just the carthing itself, if not open source it.

  7. having both a newer and older car, spotify car thing is sick to have in my cd player so i can see what song is playing, it looks nice and actually serves a purpose as little of one it may be, even if it’s not plugged into one of my cars, having it on my desk is sick because i don’t have to tab out of games to change the song or switch playlists or adjust volume etc.. actually fuck spotify for bricking my car thing, as soon as my thing stops working i’m switching to apple music

  8. I just use my last smart phone as a dedicated spotify streamer. No sim etc, just android with spotify installed and always connected via the home network. Boom! sorted. No music interruptions etc whenever you get messages or call etc… I can control it via my other devices like you would any normal dedicated streaming DAC.

  9. I would rather them just not go out of their way to brick it… I own 2 and love them. I understand that the hardware is hot garbage but it doesn't really need to be any better than it is. I have never had issues with either of mine that are used daily.

  10. I still drive a car (2004) that has a CD and cassette player, I use an FM transmitter (yeah the sound quality is iffy sometimes) and the car thing is so useful since I use my phone for maps. I found a video that lets you open source it from Linux so I'll probably use that when the dec 9 rolls around

  11. Seeing this discussion about making devices open-source after they would be "bricked" by the original seller makes me hope for another EU law about owning hardware and access to it… if they had provided it as part of a subscription I'd understand the need to stop servicing it and the software behind it, but if ppl spent a good amount of money on a device the should be able to do anything with it if the original service was discontinued.

  12. Someone in a black suit will show up to your door with $180 and say "I'll give you $180 to give it to me right now, or I'll break into your house tonight and take it for free"

  13. I got two of these and already was refunded after contacting the BBB. I'm going to find a way to hack it and try to keep using it.

  14. I drive a Honda Civic 8th gen and use my car thing on a daily basis. When I received the email and read it left me quite upset. I'm happy they are giving refunds, but like now I gotta keep taking out my phone while driving just to change a song. 🥲

  15. I LOOOOOOOOVE my Car Thing. This was a hit in the balls. 10 years of giving them money for my family plan and they lost me. No reason to stick around now.

  16. I am so sick of products that cease to exist or function after a while because they were designed to be reliant on a constant internet connection. If you are going to create anything that has to be constantly connected to the internet, it had better be something with a fundamental need for internet access (i.e. a social network or MMO), and you had better be committed to keeping those servers running until the end of time. When humans create something, we should be committed to preserving it and access to it, because if you cannot get something that you could get in the past, you have moved backwards.

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