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  1. In order for AI to be worth buying as a physical product, it needs to answer a real problem in the physical world. It's not answering any real problems, its giving us new good and bad problems we didn't really have. AI needs a body that can do things that move society forward. Buying a piece of equipment ,like a AI "phone", that doesn't do anything physically different from a phone is pointless.

  2. This sounds so related to an app being “sherlocked”. MKBHD used the analogy of fish swimming next to sharks. I’m thinking becoming a feature is essentially getting sherlocked.

  3. AI as a product for the end customer is not with improving as a startup right now, I agree. But the technology has many more applications that will become relevant. All the applications need good AI-APIs, Business-AI and analytics for companies will grow tremendously.

  4. Good Tim Cook soldier, good Apple Soldier on a mission to make Apple Intelligence the word being the new name of AI and make sure the people still think Apple does not rely on Chat GPT because it is bad to see that Apple missed the train and need to sue third party app…until it comes live, and we discover how it relies on it for great feature.

  5. Ai of today isn’t the Ai of tomorrow. Think difference of a pager too a iPhone 15. REAL Ai will be aware and able to respond as a conscious/opinionated/and articulate entity

  6. Big tech's always hungry for growth. They'll copy any good startup idea and push it to millions of users instantly. Most startups can't defend against this, so the giants keep growing by swiping others' innovations.

  7. It seems like chatbots powered by LLMs or MMMs are features now. AI isn't a feature or a product, it's a foundation technology.

  8. Love the discussion… I think the only way new players come into the space, is probably going to be the approach of "Anti-AI"… I'm expecting players like the Nothing phone to take this approach.

  9. Siri just needs an upgrade with chatGPT 💀. It’s alll too much to worry and care about 😭😭. I have ios18 and I’m waiting for Siri refresh 😍, I just use my phone less and less everyday 😭

  10. Wtf to claim that Apple 'made' these models? They just used their own user's data to fine tune existing models, not a new idea. But the statement completely undercuts the people who actually worked on the underlying software (and the previous work on optimizing the software + hardware to make it possible to be realistically usable on small devices)

  11. AI has always been a feature rather than a product IMO from day one. It makes more sense, from a functionality perspective, for it to be integrated into smartphones as a feature rather than as a stand-alone product, since this limits its capabilities.

  12. So I got the R1 knowing not to expect much, I look forward to Apple Intellegence and accept the fact that my Rabbit R1 will be a relic on my shelf as a part of AI (Feature) history.

  13. Let's be real Rabbit and Humane only exist as quick sellout companies. They were made to build as much value as fast as possible so some bigger company would come and buy them out, letting the owners walk away with some quick cash. Their products were never planned to truly break into the market or be sustainable.

  14. AI is considered a product when it specializes in a specific category and is difficult to replicate, such as SORA. Conversely, it is a feature when it is easy to replicate and can be integrated into a larger product, like grammar check.

  15. Let's just hope Apple's "built-in" models are better than Microsoft's "Copilot". I asked Copilot to write me a specific MS Excel 365 formula to do something, and it was unable to create the formula. I go over to ChatGPT, and not only did it write me the formula for "Microsoft's" own product, it also provided a thorough step-by-step explanation.

    I should have know this would happen, because within my IT circles for the past 20 years, the inside joke is "never go to Microsoft to ask about a Microsoft product"

  16. All the AI stuff is literally just software. Makes no sense to have a dedicated device just to run one program. Especially when that program doesn't really do anything well.

  17. Comparing AI to something like clubhouse is not really a good comparison. AI is much bigger and it will get bigger and bigger and we are in the early stage of it.
    Imagine a day when your personal physical Robot by AI helps you out through your day, that wouldn't be a feature that is a product

  18. I believe that while yes apple is utilizing AI as a feature to enhance the users experience, it wont be like that for long. AI will eventually be so integrated into our OS's that they will be one and the same.

  19. Every year this youtuber convince peope that apple is making a revolution. The fact is he is get paid untill his neck, and every year he is invited at apple parc without fees of hotel and plane. This script is written by apple😂

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