Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 (ALL COLORS)

Latercase for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6: Latercase for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: …


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  1. Hi so I have the z fold 4 but I'm switching to z flip 5. My reason is because it's way too heavy and the screen size when you use the full screen is the same as a normal phone size when you watch something on YouTube or another site.

  2. Same design..nothing new here..their hinge has always been a failure. If you change your phone every year, then go for it, but if you use your device for more than 2 years, better stay with normal phone factor.

  3. Lew Later was gold! I miss Will, Moe, and Lew's antics and the awesome guests. The live shows and community were epic. Much love to all!

  4. When are they going to get rid of the crease like the oneplus open.. i have the z fold 5 and wanted to upgrade, but its literally the same phone… 😢

  5. It's amazing that they still can't get rid of the crease. Screen resolution isn't that great. And they didn't wait to put a snapdragon 4 in it. Also 25W charging…

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