Huawei P20 Pro cameras explained

We explain the cameras on the Huawei P20 Pro, the latest flagship smartphone from Huawei. It features a 40MP rear shooter which has no optical image stabilisation, but has smart AIS on board…


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  1. It has got an awesome camera and I was thinking to preorder it but I rethinked it and I am going to stay with my Pixel 2XL. I don't like the emotion UI and the lack of software updates… sorry Huawei.

  2. If you have Huawei Mate 10 Pro those new AI recognition scenes will come with the Android 8.1 update,the CEO Richard Yu confirmed it.

  3. No thanks does not compete with the Galaxy S9 where's the Wireless Charging? / Headphone Jack? / Expandable Storage? / Iris Scanner? / IP68 Rating ? / OIS ? / Dual Pixel AF ? / Bluetooth 5.0 ? And you have to put up with crappy notch haha

  4. I am still a little bit confused with this 40mp camera. When you shoot in auto mod you are using RGB and B&W sensor,and output is 10mp with planty of informations and quality. So my question is when we use full 40 mp does it also combine it with B&W sensor,and when we shoot in manual and RAW what does it use then?

  5. I am really interested in its performance in extremely low light condition. The AI assisted long exposure can produce a brighter and more detailed picture at night.

  6. Please explain Iso102400 and 6sec of handheld exposure. My dslr can't go above 25600 iso and even at iso 25600 looks more like a evidence photograph at best. I'm thinking how images going to look at iso 102400 from a sensor which is only about 10% of size of Aps-c dslr.

  7. the only problem I had with Huawei is their OS.
    I experience using Huawei Gr3 2017 and Huawei Mate 10, both are excellent for their price point but eversince I traded my mate 10 for Oneplus 5T.. my experience with almost stock android is just so so fluid.

  8. Lol ?, Huawei's garbage software, no updates, and weak EIS. Yeah, you can keep that trash, but we know you love it, because it's shiny. ???

  9. Apple should sue this Chinese junk for copying its design. Really, these Chinese junks have no respect for Intellectual property rights. Fucking Chinese thieves !!

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