Smartphone photography tips: TechRadar’s essential guide

You don’t have to be a wizard behind the camera to grab great shots with your smartphone: just follow our essential guide and you’ll know the basics in no time! Subscribe to TechRadar: http://goo.g…


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  1. I have a photography outing this Sunday. we can either use our smartphones or cameras. I just broke my Nikon d3200 and have to save some cash up cuz I want to get the Nikon d5500 next. so, for this Sunday, I am stuck up with my smartphone. any tips, cheap equipment or something which can help me get better shots? please helpppppp.

  2. I do want to feedback some problems I see with smartphone cameras. Most of them comes with the wide / ultra wide focal lengths so when taking group shots selfie, heads at the back usually appear very small as compare to those at the front. Unlike DSLR when we have a selection of lens with appropriate focal length to use, usually the widest acceptable focal length is around the 18mm crop (or around 24-27mm full frame).Basic photography tips still applies so don't ignore them even when you are using smartphones. (1)When you have a choice of backdrop to select, use them when they are available. (2)make sure everyone is present when you take the group photo. (3)if you unintentionally piss your subject/s off that's fine, but don't take it if you had intentionally pissed your subjects off. They won't smile for your photo. (4)Arrange the subject position when you are able to. Just the other day the facilitator of my class pissed off subjects, missed one subject in the photo taking, failed to arrange the subjects so that all some faces don't appear too small, and worse failed to use the nice garden scenery outside for the group photo.

  3. And finally the ultimate tip: Forget about your phone camera and buy yourself an entry level DSLR with a decent 50mm (or rather it's equivalent like a 35mm for 1.5 crop sensor) fixed lens. Phone camera…. geez… I hate those stupid cat pictures that's all over the internet but for fuck sake the phone isn't even good for that – show your stupid cat some respect and at least shoot it with a decent cam. 

  4. All I could think about the whole video is TAKING THAT HTC OUT OF THE CASE!!! Looks ridiculous haha come on guysssssss, do better…

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