Samsung Galaxy S8 review: a week with the best phone in the world

The Samsung Galaxy S8 looks good on paper, but how does it do in practical terms? Gareth Beavis captures a week in the life with the Samsung’s new smartphone to show you how it performs. 00:16…


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  1. Frankly i completely fail to see the problem with the fingerprint sensor … never had any issues with it whatsoever. Its exactly in the place where my finger lands when i pick up the phone. At this point i am not sure whether its just that all the reviewers try to find something bad to say about the phone and thats the only thing they can find or if they are simply motor function handicapped. Or maybe the just all have small girly hands … hm seeing as most of them are scrawny, underdeveloped nerds, that's not unlikely.

  2. You're sponsored and don't know how to make apps play in full screen? If you go into settings you can pick any apps you'd like to play in full (edge to edge) screen mode.

  3. The fingerprint opening works flawless for me. Faster than swiping the screen. Takes a little bit of getting used to where it's position, but after a while that comes natural. As for the phone itself, I am only just learning things it can do, as I have no time to read the instructions. Thank you for the video, Gareth, and don't forget to feed the cat ….

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