iPhone X review

Here is our review of the iPhone X – the most advanced, yet most expensive smartphones to come from Apple to date. The iPhone X boasts many attractive features: an edge-to-edge OLED display,…


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  1. I feel like Apple went after the worn-in look by choosing the stainless steel.. Steve Jobs used to love the way stainless steel showed cosmetic scratches, and I kind of get that.. But the phone costs so much it’s kind of annoying

  2. I saw these Chinese People at the   store they bought like 4 of them they basically bought them like they where nothing on top of that they got the 256 gig

  3. Ahh! 1 million sub's soon! I would love to have an iPhone x, but the chances of that are unlikely, this information was honestly useful so thank you so much for that! I'd love to see more videos about the iPhone x please :(!

  4. If I want an absolutely amazing camera i'll just buy an actual camera the phone that i have is affordable and the camera is good enough for me screw apple i've never been a fan i've never been convinced now if i got it free somehow that'd be a different story. But i'd probably sell it lol idk.

  5. i picked up a 256 X in silver today. when i was talking on it after setting it up something kept pulling on my sideburns and beard and i thought it was some sticker schmutz leftover from the front and back glass wrap. but it was the sharp edges where the glass meets the metal! they were so rough that shit was grabbin my hair. i checked a few forums and yupp. lots of people complaining about build and screens. screw you apple. it goes back tomorrow. between that and ios 11 i'm literally done. i'll be looking into an 8+ or a note 8. or even a v30.

  6. I agree with you that the blacks are too black when watching movies. The dark areas show very little gray scaling so that the shadows are generally dark, even when turning up the brightness which only causes noise in the video. Other than that the screen is awesome.

  7. You can really see the Apple Watch / iPhone convergence here… which I think we'll see more of in the future (ie. smaller bezels on the Apple Watch 4 anyone?)

  8. This phone is underwhelming for the money. For $1000 it should have AMAZING battery life. Super durability. Maybe something cool like a projector. A pair of updated headphones and absolutely a headphone jack.

  9. Still 5 GB iCloud storage is ridiculous. I bought a 2017 non-Google flagship (LG G6) after my Nexus 5 died, and immediately when setting up my account I was told my Google cloud storage had been updated with 100 GB extra(!). With that price tag they should at least give you a lot or unlimited storage for multimedia, cause Apple is really behind Google on the services front and don't seem to see it. With Google you get unlimited storage for Photos auto backup if you agree to let them scale down the image to a still totally OK resolution which still looks great with an awesome camera like my G6 has. Though I upload full size since I have so many GBs.

  10. It’s like Audi is helping Mercedes build a really nice future car that we were all thinking about which is the the iPhone 10

  11. Returned my X and keeping my 128gb SE. It’s a great little practical iPhone.
    I paid £399 for it where the X was £1200? waste of money if you ask me.

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