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(October 28, 2016) Revisit when Eugene Park, better known as Pobelter, stepped into the ESPN Sport Science lab to have his League of Legends skills analyzed. Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: http://ow.ly…


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  1. hes AZN it doesnt count they are all like this, im sure he still brings great shame to his famiry for not being a doctor

  2. all you idiots always talking about "physical strain" a real sport is physical. please stfu. The only reason the nba or something else is alive is because of the views. and fans. Video games have TONS of fans. Its not about which one is better or which one is real or not. its about that people enjoy it and thats all that matters

  3. on espn they claim to be wide leader of Sports why do they have the spelling bee the hot dog contest poker and nascar they are not sports nascar and there a way u can have video games set ups that equivalent to nascar gas paddle steering wheel and a clutch and baseball its all action reaction football the same action reaction esports action reaction its all the same get over it people. and more people watch esports then the world Series nba finals lol just not the super bowl and not only that nba teams are investing into esports teams lol. like the cavs golden state warriors Houston rockets

  4. What ESPN should do is create a seperate channel (both on Youtube and on Television) exclusively for E-sports. That way, those traditional sports fans won't be afraid that they'll lose the content they enjoy and ESPN can take advantage of E-Sports growth.

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