Crypto Bull Run Coming? – CryptoCurrency Bull Run – Crypto Market News

Is the cryptocurrency market about to go on a bull run? When will crypto go up in value? CryptoCurrency Market News!

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  2. Never heard so much of bullshits !! You don't know sh… last time , bull run after chinese lunar year, lol, after wall street trader bonus lol, you said march will be a very good month for crypto !! We can see that now ???!!

  3. The 24-hour volume just dropped below $12B for the first time since November 2017. Everyone is disappearing from crypto. Not good.

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  11. Aren't we all a bit greedy who are in cryptos?! It is like a Digital Vegas :). I think amrket sentiment on cryptos are a bit down and I would say that is when (agaisnt all belief) the bull runs really start. I am getting ready and I have loaded up on my dark Horses: DeepOnion, BitClave, Substratum and Enigma. I think one or more of these will boom as soon as the bull run starts. The big bet is on DeepOnion and hoping to see it in you 200-300 list of coins to hear your opinion.

  12. Bought ncash at 285 sats after your ncash mention in one of your videos. Thanks buddy. Send me some more Ncash0x39cd3778797886d00176fecc31c05704ce30b321

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