Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera: What’s New!

Everything you need to know that’s new in Galaxy S9’s new camera! Galaxy S9 First Impressions: MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I use:…


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  1. Samsung Phone UI experience Improvement Suggestion

    Currently Samsung flagships have really are true marvels of engineering and have refined the hardware experience for my S9 and my friends note 8 but as a lot of people and youtubers agree there is just not the same consistent and obvious design language involved with the Samsung skin. With all the work that is put into making the Samsung UI I would love to see the removal of a lot of the apps that google makes and leave all of the Samsung apps to be used exclusively on the phone with the bixby integration and would love to see Samsung take the IOS/Apple route with regard to optimastaion of these apps. I essentially want a more pure Samsung experience , no more google contacts only Samsung contacts , no more google photos only Samsung gallery , no more google play music only Samsung music , no more android pay only Samsung pay , no more google assistant only bixby who will get better and better the more it learns and essentially just the same products just with all the google bloatware cut out providing the most pure Samsung experience would help me and a lot of consumers enjoy the smart phones much more , save space and clean up the UI. All the google apps and services could still be available in the Samsung store where of consumers wanted all these options could download it themselves but Samsung would be the default experience.

  2. Fact (probably): Samsung Galaxy S9's camera lets its shutter open for a longer time at low light settings than its competitors (which is how Samsung can tell you we have a great low light camera). That's why you can never get a sharp image of a moving object in galaxy s9 in the low light conditions.

  3. Mako please balik ka na sa akin please… sino na mag aalaga sayo sa pagtanda mo, sino na makikinig sayo parati? Sino dadamay sayo? Sino na magmamahal sayo kagaya ng pagmamahal ko? Please mako mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita ng lubos at sobra please please nagmamakaawa ako, piliin mo naman ako please

  4. the No. 1 selling point of Camera is purely fake and shit, I just bought it for my wife and thank God not for me. Do yourself a favor, don't buy it until they fixed the Camera software. They just put the LG G6 Camera into S9+ with a useless software specially Live Focus which is suppose to take over Pixel XL2 but miserably failed. Live Focus is extremely worst and take pictures with extremely low detail. Low light selfies are very poor and you will not like it.

    Do yourself a favor, if you have a friend and he has Galaxy S9+, try it before you buy it. Only Camera is not doing the justice, everything else is super hot and very eye catching.

    MKBHD, why not full review yet?

  5. @MKBHD got a big problem! I got two s9 for myself and mom. Both of our device turns warmer (looks like blue light filter) at night pass sunset automatically! Without turning on the blue light filter feature! Is your device doing that too? It’s so annoying!!! I hate the night shift! Helpppppppp

  6. @marquesbrownlee Hi i just want to know why S9+ camera has a score of 99 even when pixel2Xl is still the best camera in any smart. People have been comparing them and they still consider pixel2Xl is still the best. What's your opinion?

  7. All I want is for them to put the IR blaster back at the top. It's not expensive and almost all the people I know stil use it on the older models.

  8. I now have the best of both Galaxy S9 & Pixel. Biggest worry I had was user experience coming from a pixel. Took a while but was able to get the S9 to look and feel so close to my pixel.

    Download Material Theme from Samsung themes and then get Action Launcher from Play store. You can even have the weather widget from pixel via "Another Widget" from play store. Uninstaller/disable all the Samsung apps but keep the really useful ones like Samsung Pay.

    Don't forget to side load the Google Now Extension for Action Launcher which brings back to good old useful days of Google assistant (way better than the current Pixel Launcher assistant since you will have all your reminders and personal stuff front and center instead of the news) . Now you have the best of both worlds.

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