The Most Expensive Keyboard I’ve Ever Unboxed…

Qwerkywriter Keyboard (USA Link) – Qwerkywriter Keyboard (International) – Qwerkywriter website – The Querkywriter…


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  1. Lol only $300? The Kira is $279, and that's not even expensive. Go to /r/mechmarket and you'll see some boards going for $500, $600, even $700. Duck Orion V2 – One went for $900… Pff.. $300… That's a set of good keycaps.

  2. that keyboard looks really nice and i would love to use it. but i often eat while at my computer and all those well defined edges it has would make it a lot more dirty than a simpler keyboard. i guess it has its ups and downs

  3. Wow! I always see your videos on trending and have watched here and there – but your Ghibli got my sub. Haha – solid choices in music reflect solid choices in life 😛

  4. Hey Jack, I'm no connoisseur of music, but what's the name of the song you used in the first minute??? I heard it before, and I know I have it liked somewhere in my files… but it'll kill me just to find it… help mmmeeeee. pleaseandthanks with much love

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