Sony Xperia XZ hands on review

Sony claims the new Xperia XZ is it’s latest flagship smartphone but just how much of an improvement is it compared to the rest of the Xperia line up? With Sony introducing intelligent battery…


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  1. Got the z5 at the moment,prob get the xz premium next ,,,,,Sony is outstanding I would never have any phone now without a dedicated camera button,.

  2. I switch from Xperia z to a z5 premium, and then go back to the z3. Now currently using a Samsung s6 because I broke my z3. Really miss my sony phones, it can't be compared to Samsungs as sony is very unique in a way. Although most phones are having extremely small bezel and such, but to me, big bezels on sony devices is what make sony so classy and unique. The user interface is very good too compared to Samsung. The only downside about sony phones is that the camera degrades over time as you update the phone to a newer software, other than that, everything is on point.

  3. Do not buy this piece of shit, it sucks, Bluetooth never works the headphones stopped working my wife got one too and hers died within 2 weeks, just plain shit

  4. the thing sony is sooo good that there phones manage hell lot of tasks at once with 2gb ram or 3gb while other phones kills task to reduce the lag and sony software> other software (my opinion)

  5. Sony need to improve on the camera i hate iphone as i think there for sheep. But i used my sister ipad today and the camera is way better than my z5 for putting stuff on ebay.

  6. It's OK if you.into pink why did Sony do that. Why have they got pink contact icon on all there handsets. Which can't be altered… They even. Got it on the new xz premium… They are trying to tell us something batty boy handsets

  7. Handset. Specifically made for gays. Not alfa males… Check out for yourself people go in the. Shop and ask them to change it they wont be able to

  8. Hi people. Never buy. Sony they have a pink or red contact. Icon. If you want to install. New numbers in your handset guest what it always. Stays pink even if you change themes….. So gay

  9. Hi guys anyone can help me with this so I have an iPhone and I want to change it for two reasons
    1 I wanna be able to download music straight from an illegal website to my phone
    2 I want a phone with 64 gb or more
    So can the Xperia be that?

  10. I had my device sent into SONY twice to fix my concern. They mentioned that there is nothing wrong with my device even though, my issues and concerns raised have resurfaced, both times after receiving my phone back.

    After receiving, I set it up and continued to use it for a few weeks in the hope that it will improve over time. I was even hopeful that the 2 software updates I received, since getting my device back, will help. However, I still am experiencing issues as follows:
    1. Terrible battery life, on average 4 hours a day with my normal use as I have used over the last couple of years using my old HTC;
    2. The camera provides a terrible experience in that I am not able to snap photos when I want and with the speed and ease I require. The camera takes long to open up and be ready for a shot, I often miss my mark. Further, the “blur-free” pictures advertised is un-true, as many of my pictures were either blurry or fuzzy;
    3. The phone still continuously overheats, while I am using it, using the camera, keeping it in my pocket, etc; and
    4. The phone tends to freeze often, after which I just have to wait until it responds.

    So either SONY believes that there is truly nothing wrong with my device and thus means that SONY has made the worst flagship device I have ever used or SONY is not testing the device correctly and provides bad service in not swapping out a device that is clearly not functioning properly.

    Either way, the SONY Xperia XZ is not a good phone to buy and the features are all just marketing blurb. I urge all those prospective buyers out there to be aware and avoid having to go through all the frustrations I currently experience daily.

    SONY has most definitely failed at making a true Smart Phone which is for me, extremely sad and that I am stuck with a broken phone for the next 2 years (well that is if I don’t throw it against the wall first).

    Don’t buy the device, you will regret it!!!

  11. I don't care about what people say, but i have one thing i wanna say for this phone/my phone I LOVE THIS XZ. LOL
    The design, it's fast, the performance and the battery and last of course the camera is so amazing.

  12. I'm an ex-iPhone fanboy here. I got an Xperia X Compact and so far its great. I started to dislike iOS more and more, after using it for 10+ years. I'm also a software developer, coding in Java, and I feel more happier with an Android device. I will be buying Sony again.

  13. Why Sony releases phone versions slower, because when they release a new phone, the power of new phone will last more years and can compete with the performance of new upcoming phones from other companies…

  14. I'm using Xperia Z, Z2( sold) and Z3 ( wanted to sell) , don't have an issue at all, and yesterday I bought Xperia XZ, amazing and it's so beautiful plus the selfie camera is looks superb! really worth..Sony fan from Malaysia here! #Sony

  15. Gee, didn't jump in the seat for a drive to show us the UI or comparisons of any manner. Just take this complete review as cram packed. Here is SONY one of THE players that got twisted and buckled by the tech shockwave the industry is undergoing and this guy coughs out a summerised brief without the summary! Fair crack of the whip sunnyboy but to the back of the monotonous regurgitated literary line so the jester might jumpstart my coma before it's over. Try showing the phone firing up it might be infectious.

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