Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Sony Xperia Z3 and iPhone 6 News : The TechRadar Phone Show

This week our team discuss Galaxy Alpa rumours, Xperia Z3 compact leaks, iPhone 6 release date and feature rumours plus lots more phone chat.


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  1. Don't need 20mp? 3 times in a row hasn't been brilliant? Come on mate, Sony cameras have been quality since the K800i and only got better. Even Apple use Sony technology in their cameras.
    If you only like Apple phones, fair enough. But don't sit there and make lies about other phones, just because they have better specs than the IPhone.

  2. at that time my pig would be big enough to be sold and the money I will buy either of these tools.. As of now, its 35 kg.I want to make it heavier for bigger income

  3. I'm a fan. A real fan. A real google fan would see what is coming. HTC is the maker of the new nexus. Android L is the beginning of a new android. With that new beginning will come a 64 bit processor and 4 GB of ram. It takes a lot to mask the truth but google is very good at its job. Truth is…shamu is being resurrected. The HTC L One will be the first android L device. Its been in front of us the whole time. The Dream is still alive…. HTC nexus once again. Its all proven with the tablet leak. The g3 and x+1 just distractions from the truth.

  4. I liked that girl at the start but she needs to make her speech more natrual. Just pretend you are speaking to someone. 🙂
    I completely disagree. 4.7-5'' screens are the future. I can do anything with my moto x with 1 hand.

  5. I would be revolutionary if Samsung could figure out how to make a metal phone with a removable battery. Just edge metal still makes it plastic ☎

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