Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect… Samsung!

Spoiler alert: There’s still a Bixby button. Galaxy S9+ skins: Dave2D video on the blood pressure sensor:…


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  1. when watching your relize you dont care about phones anymore. enlightening. phones are so good now even base phones are great for 2 years at least. now i buy flagships new from carrier for zero dollars when the next gen comes out. example get s8 when s9 has been out for 4 months or so etc never pay a penny for a phone again!!!!

  2. Samsung will never have a good phone, its a shame that it looks so good and has such nice hardware but man Samsung experience kills it, I keep on fooling myself into buying samsungs and always end up selling them 3 or 4 months later due to slow performance, absolutely ridiculous, my One Plus 5T is 500£ has 8GB ram and is extremely quick even 4 months in.

  3. my T-mobile Revvl Plus easily does 6 hrs of screen on time. The battery life is marvelous!!! Yea the Snapdragon 635 is trash though but very energy efficient. I usually get total about 40 hours out of my phone. With heavy usage I get about 28 hours total usage. It really depends but trust me….my $200 dollar Revvl Plus out last phones that are triple and quadruple the price.

  4. I had a Samsung galaxy s7 and i love it but i upgrade to Samsung galaxy s9+ and now I see why Samsung the king I love Samsung never going to Apple I love my S9 plus man it is amazing does things really awesome

  5. Marques, the spacing of the shapes above your iMac in this video is pretty inconsistent. I just thought id let you know bro. Thanks for making dope videos.

  6. I have an iPhone 6. I’ve had iPhone’s forever and I’m making the switch this time. I’ve had this phone for 3 years, I’m unfamiliar with Samsung phones, is this a good phone to make the jump?

  7. I completely disagree with Pixel 2 having the best camera. I give that to iPhone. The pixel 2 can't handle the sky. It's never the true blue it should be. The iPhone does a much better job at true colors than the pixel. Now maybe that's personal preference, but I prefer the picture to look as real as possible without some effect on it or over saturation.

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