TechRadar Talks – The Xperia Z4 Has Been Announced

Sony has finally put out an official announcement for the release of the Xperia Z4 in Japan. Will there be an international release date and has much changed in Sony’s latest smartphone iteration?…


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  1. Disappointing spec's on the Sony Z4 no point in upgrading if you have the Z3 or Z2, hell even my Z1 right now still functions well. I like to see one a new flagship phone to have at least some new innovation but all I see on the Z4 is the same rehashing of the last phone with a few minor internal tweaks and a slightly smaller and hardly noticeable form factor.. #BORING.

    I'm now due for an upgrade as of Feb and hoping to get my hands on the Samsung S6 Edge but unfortunately the 128GB Edge variant still isn't available anywhere in the UK yet which is the one I have on pre-order. It seems the only model of the S6 Edge you can get at the moment is the 64GB one or you can settle for the standard S6, has anyone else noticed this?

  2. If it was called an iphone or a galaxy you guys wouldn't of said there are small changes but instead say wow I love the way it looks and it improved alot -__-

  3. Apparently, the Z4 is going to be a Japan exclusive and theres going to be a worldwide flagship later this year (possibly as early as may) that will hopefully differ from the current design language of Xperia devices, because lets be honest the Z4 is just a slightly thinner, shinier, spec boosted Z3.

  4. How many smartphone manufacturers make the same smartphone with little tweaks here and there and I doubt it will stop.

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