iPhone 8 Plus review

In this review we look at the brand new iPhone 8 Plus from Apple. As one of the latest smartphones to hit the market, the iPhone 8 Plus boasts some incredible features. Under the hood there…


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  1. I just got the 8 plus for my daughter . It has 52% battery life . Do I charge it now or when it's out completely? I read online about leaving it change for 8 hours ?

  2. I have the iPhone X but am considering buying an 8 Plus as a secondary phone. I want to buy an iPad Pro, but, the 8 plus is much more powerful and has amazing battery life and when I trade in my older phones its pretty much the same price.

  3. Traded my iPhone X for an 8 Plus. It is a better phone for my needs. No notch, no lame Face ID, best battery life and no Blue tint. I can’t believe these reviews don’t talk about how nice and pure white these LCD IPS displays are compared to OLED/AMOLED.

  4. How much are apple paying you guys?

    The dated design should be lambasted in 2017.

    Wireless charging is a 3 year old tech, apple shouldn't be praised for only just implementing it.

    Also, the display is inferior to all other phones out there. How have you not docked points off for that?

    I honestly believe with any other other brand, you lot would be writing scathing reviews.

    But when it comes to apple they can do no wrong. Even when they release a 3 year old design with a couple of bells and whistles.

    All the while their true flagship is weeks away. It must be nice to get paid tons to suck apple's dick?

  5. What do you advice me to do? I have the iPhone SE right now and i’d like to get un upgrade, should i get the X or the 8 plus? (Money is no problem)

  6. Definitely wait for iPhone X
    Not a substantial upgrade in my opinion
    And poor value for money although credit for the wireless charging and display upgrades although even they are minor
    Definitely more value for money in the plus variant than the iPhone 8 standard model

  7. Apple needs to be shut down.
    They are killing the progress of tech and only adding to the narcissism of our modern age.

  8. Given a choice, I would prefer the 8 Plus over iphone X because on a comparative basis , it seems to get more bang for the buck. But at INR 86,000 , this is a bloody expensive phone. Assuming that I'm willing to spend that kind of money, I'd wait for another year to see a radical design change instead of a 3 year old design.

  9. Very nice, down to earth review.

    Honestly though, your background music is terrible and I actually questioned watching the video the whole way through several times.

  10. Sir y people hate apple so much…r they real comments or they r just paid by Samsung…..every body knows Sammy shit starts hanging after a year of use…

  11. Direct quote from the review – "….Apple have up graded the speakers. They're 25% BRIGHTER and have more bass." No, they're 25% louder! There's such a rush to sound knowledgeable.

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