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Mining 240 Bitcoin, Bitcoin CryptoCurrency Mining! AmbitMining is a really good BTC Mining Solution!
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  1. Hey Guys! We'll be back tomorrow with Coffee and Crypto and Crypto Catch Up! Can't wait to see you guys then! Also don't forget to LIKE and COMMENT for a chance to win an ETH in tomorrows video!

  2. I think projects like Ambit are a good t idea. I mean installing and operating a mining rig by oneself is way too capital intensive. Whereas here is an option of a crowdfunded mining rig where investors get dividends. Though there are some conservations for such mining projects, personally, i won't mind investing a small amount in here.

  3. Never really looked into mining coins. There are a lot of interesting ways to get started it seems. The thing is: at some point the whole mining process will be less profitable, since the amount of mineable coins will decrease.

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  4. Sounds like a cool project. I need to become more educated on how mining crypto actually works. Seems like some complicated stuff.

    ETH: 0xdd6EcfE7EE327DDcf24d769f168c69bC47D3a188

  5. Still not sure about mining, but I would like to say thanks so much CCN for all you do. I was one of those people who found crypto in late December and put a bit of money in and was down a lot, but thanks to this channel I kept buying the dips! Already in the green and we are only at a 330B market. Thanks so much!

  6. I've done some research on Ambit and these guys are working hard on this project and it shows. Looking forward to investing. Thanks for your imput. Your deep dive rocks.

  7. Was supersized to see a video on a sunday! A great green sunday at that! I'm on the fence about cloud mining.


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