TechRadar Talks – iOS 9: What We Want To See

Apple’s iOS 9 is expected to be shown off at WWDC in June, but what changes would we like to see from last year’s iOS 8? We discuss.


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  1. i would watch wwdc if their like
    "Now introducing the New iOS version: iOS Nothing. We've killed off iOS and deeply integrated stock android into our iPhones that we will unveil later on in september. We've secretly pushed out the update to your settings app in what appears to be 8.4, all you have to do is hit update and back and multitasking buttons will appear on your iPhone. Android will boot up and users will be happy.

  2. Dual window multitasking!? Some Android devices have had it for ages! Would be nice to have 2 windows/apps open simultaneously at the same time – split screen! Especially now the iPads air 2's have 2gb ram.

  3. 4 iphone users plug in ur charger to ur phone and play @ 0:59 with ur volume up And siri with activate by its self ?? lol


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