The TRUTH About Smartphones in 2018

Have we reached peak smartphone? How satisfied are you with your current smartphone? When will you upgrade and why? WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS.


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  1. I can't justify spending £1000 on an iPhone X when my 7 already does everything I need.

  2. Honor 8, the new edge to corner design maybe, till the battery starts to give up won't have a reason to change, maybe that's why they are putting in non user replaceable batteries in phones from past years

  3. We live in a world where people being satisfied with their electronic product companions is a crisis for those who manufacture them

  4. Manufacturers are playing with our minds….but now the consumer has become smart enough figuring what's right!!
    Consumer is the King

  5. I want a phone that takes good effort to damage. and doesn't lack any features and is completely water proof. with a removable battery.

  6. I would love to see a smartphone with the best SINGLE camera sensor out there that could fit into a smartphone, that has reasonable hardware and battery capacity, which has a good build quality but skips on brittle materials like glass or expensive and heavy ones like metal (thinking about the old HTC One X for example), and instead focus on a good price point, somewhere between 200 and 400 dollars. For the screen, a 5.7in 18:9 AMOLED without the chin would be pretty sweet. And of course we would need a headphone jack and preferably front facing speakers. The closest thing we have like this at the moment is the Google Pixel 2, but the price is absurd, paying more than 500 dollars on something is could easily be stollen or ruined by a fall from your pocket is nonsense

  7. For me, my smartphone is part of an echosystem. No need to be the last gen to be the smart choice. I happened to become an apple guy via macbook in 2010. Today I just received a refurbed iPhone 6s. In my Apple world, I have all this Continuity options that make life easier for me. That is the thing that drives me. The good choice is the choice that makes sense to you. That’s all.

  8. I bought an S8 and im not upgrading until i see a phone with bendable screen that opens like a small notebook, samsung has a official patent ready maybe they can't mass produce it at a reasonable cost. I think ill be satisfied with my s8 for another 4-5 years

  9. I'm going into the 3rd year with my Galaxy S6, because of the crazy prices on the new phones and not much in innovation I don't see the point of upgrading any more unless my phone breaks or starts going too slow.

  10. I totally agree. The only reason I'm buying a new phone now is because ZTE managed to get hit with sanctions after accidentally removing sim functionality from some of the blade v8 pros like I have….

  11. We are on the peak.. used different flagships from Samsung, Huawei, Apple, HTC, Oneplus. And realized what i really need on a smartphone

    #1 Camera
    #2 Performance
    #3 Battery life
    #4 Display
    #5 PRICE

    At the moment my daily driver I've been using for a while nailed everything that I need. I'm using Huawei Mate 9.. considering its almost a 2 year old phone.. but it gets the Job done.. it has decent Camera, Great Battery life, Great Performance, Big Display.. and cosidering p20 series and mate 10 series are out in the market.. this Huawei Mate 9 hits the sweet spot on a sub 400$ phone which is a great value while giving everything that I need..

  12. I agree with Lew, that smartphones are reaching a plateau. I have read a lot of the comments on here and found myself pondering how we utilize our devices and in some cases be self absorbed with them. I am guilty of that as well. I have the S8 and have seen no need to get a newer phone, until something amazingly different comes out that is useful to my lifestyle. Could it be the Samsung X? I don't know.
    The possible introduction of flexible screens entices me, however I am finding myself not going out and rushing to get one. I strongly believe that people are about a higher quality phone and substantial leaps in technology then the mediocre improvements we see from year to year. Companies like Xiaomi and others that are focussed on the mid level price point will become the proven leaders as they are definitely offering something that is useful and effective without breaking the bank. If carriers start mainstreaming these, watch Apple and Samsung.
    I have seen a lot of prototypes out there and as I am excited to see them come out, I wonder how the practicality of the phone will improve my life.
    Keep up the good work Lew. I always enjoy your show, opinion and definitely fun you inspire. I wish I was able to meet you if not work with you, however I am on the other side of the country. Give a cheers to Jack, Willy and the rest of the gang.

  13. What i look for in a phone would be a stock Android environment with great speakers. Once i find a phone like that. I probably would stick to that phone for quite sometime. Oh and lets not forget something thats snappy with a good processor. Then i would be satisfied. And if anyone knows of a phone i just described. Please reply and let me know.

  14. I am a big fan of smartphones. And earlier around 2 months ago I used to think that I need the latest and the greatest smartphone no matter what happens. At that time I was using a smartphone of 1Gb ram and 8Gb storage. But I bought a new phone a midrange phone Mi A1 around ₹15k in india and around $250. Now I think what do those flagship phones do other than improved cameras and cosmetics. This phone does all the things that a flagship can do for me. And I don't see any point in upgrading from this to another new phone in at least a year from now.

  15. I have the iphone 8 . My previous phone was a Samsung S7 edge . I used it for 2 years . Now , I think I will use my current phone for 3 or even more years . Provided it does not break . I might need a battery replacement at some time .

  16. Rocking an iPhone 7 Plus still and I love it. Sure it has an outdated design, but it is still very fast and can do 99% of the things a brand new iPhone X can do. Upgrading annually is not as justifiable as it was 5 or 6 years ago.

  17. Por eso hay que comprar los cacahuatitos para darles en la madre a todas esas empresas que vende cada vez más caros los smartpohnes…y los cuales siempre ..pero siempre …realizan las mismas funciones …amén…

  18. For me and large chunk of people price plays an important role. I believe no smartphone is worth $1000. I am using Xiaomi MiA1 which falls under $200 and it does pretty important stuff very well.

  19. Very interesting topic. Because, last year I just upgrade my phone from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7. One of many factors that my iPhone 5 is running very poorly on the software side but the hardware was fine. One day I decided it is enough and got the iPhone 7 and there are lots of appreciate things on the iPhone 7 than iPhone 5. Like bigger screen bigger battery better display Touch ID better sounds better camera and many more. I think I will spend the money on a new phone if the software isn’t running properly and don’t get latest security stuff with new updates

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