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  1. Bruh i like your channel but you really got to step up the camera portion of your videos. You literally show 0 sample shots in your videos, and if you do they're some shitty indoor pics you took. Do some side by side macro shots, low light shots, high dynamic range situation shots and stuff like that so we can actually see how they perform. You saying 'this phones camera smashes the other phones camera' doesn't really mean much.

  2. Essential is less functional but looks and is built much better. Also has a better screen. One Plus 5T has better camera and software.

  3. As an Essential PH-1 owner, I'd just like to mention that I've yet to experience any of the bugs/crashes you mentioned. That's not to say it's without its flaws, but navigating through the OS, using the camera and even loading heavy-duty apps have not resulted in any crashes whatsoever.

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