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  1. Or buy nokia 3310 because that is what you will get after turning everythimg off on iphone, why would you give 500-1000$ for phone and than turn all the features off, no vibration? C'mon lets go to pulse dial phone than

  2. I have bed experience about this phone 7plus
    I bought it 23 days ago now I see no battery life.i paid $840 dollars I think I buy I don't recommended to buy this.

  3. actually, only switching off the lock screen notification is relevant to the topic of this video, rather than doing the same with badges or pop-up notifications…

  4. My last iPhone was an iPhone 5 and it had the worst battery life I've ever experienced as from a fully charged battery it would last me 1 hour or 1 hour 20 minutes at its best.

    Then it completely died on me and I had to result in buying another phone which was under £300 as I was planning on buying a £900 Mac with accessories and buying the iPhone 6S Plus would mean a lot of money being spent hence why I bought the OnePlus 2.

    I felt a bit sketchy as I've been using iPhones as my daily phones for the past 6 + years and I had to use an Android phone as my main phone for the first time. But 2 months later everything it good as the battery life on the OnePlus 2 is superb and the Android experience is good as well but I still prefer iOS.

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