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  1. Just a heads up ign but Nothing makes me less interested in a game when you say "the story is the best part", I play games for their game play not the story I'm tired of cutscenes scripted sequences and stories in general. Sure the story is a part of a game but if a game isn't fun I don't care about the story and if I'm more interested in watching cutscenes than enjoying the game the game failed to do what it was meant to do. The thing that really drives me batty though is cutscenes trailers. Nothing is a bigger waste of time than watching a cutscene trailer and not seeing any gameplay.

  2. An excellent end to a great series. If possible, include a review for Trilogy edition. It's worth seeing the series as a whole, as well as individually. And thanks for the review.

  3. Staying to fight to risk greater rewards was actually in previous games already but it looks like the UI is changed? Maybe somethng else there is different idk.

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